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Financial Education and Economic Inclusion: The Immigrant Experience

April 22, 2013
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Hosted by
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas and Financial Fitness Greater Dallas

The forum explored financial literacy and its impact in the areas of U.S.–Mexico trade, migration and development.



12:30 p.m.


1 p.m.

Panel 1: The Future of Remittances:
Current Trends and The Impact on Economic Development

VideoFlash video

This panel provides an overview of trends in the use of remittances and highlights the efforts of programs and initiatives that promote a more productive use of remittances to achieve a greater economic and social impact.

Roberto Coronado
Assistant Vice President in Charge, El Paso Branch
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Remittances to Mexico: Recent TrendsPowerpoint
Jesús Cañas

Business Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Anael Luébanos
Presentation Powerpoint
Federation of Hometown Associations of Zacatecas in Fort Worth

Calixto Mateos
Director for Institutional Liaison
Banco de México

1:55 p.m.

Panel 2: Migration and Entrepreneurship

This panel explores immigrant entrepreneurship through a discussion with several successful Latino immigrant entrepreneurs who are leading their companies, contributing to the U.S. economy and creating jobs.

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Mario César Ramírez
Entrepreneur and Author

Rolando Herrera
Mi Sueño Winery

Nina Vaca
Pinnacle Technical Resources

Luis Spinola
Azteca-Omega Group

2:45 p.m.

Panel 3: Promoting Integration Through Access to Financial Education and Services

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This panel addresses the importance of bringing immigrants into the formal financial and economic mainstream. It explores how economic inclusion and financial education foster social and economic integration, regional trade and economic development.

Arnulfo Valdivia
Institute for Mexicans Abroad

Realizing the Gains from Immigration Reform Powerpoint
Pia Orrenius
Assistant Vice President and Senior Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Jason Marczak
Get the Facts: Immigrants and the EconomyPDF
Get the Facts: Immigrants and EntretreneurshipPDF
Policy Director
America’s Society and Council of the Americas

When You Are on Your Own: Economic Integration and Financial LiteracyPowerpoint
Miryam Hazán

Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together, Washington, D.C.

3:40 p.m.

Panel 4: Financial Literacy and Consumer Protection

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This panel addresses consumer protection as an important tool that empowers immigrant customers and promotes financial literacy. What are the challenges and barriers for immigrant populations in accessing consumer protection tools and credit?

Eloy Villafranca
Community Affairs Officer, Dallas Region
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Todd Mark
Vice President of Education
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas

Mario Alberto Di Costanzo Armenta
National Commission for the Protection of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF)

Lyn Haralson
Financial Education Program Analyst
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

4:45 p.m.



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