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Exploring Economics: A Workshop for Secondary Teachers

June 5, 2012
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA

Economic topics are critical to the Civics and U.S. History curriculum. During this workshop, participants examined important economic concepts and learn creative ways to integrate them into classroom instruction.

Led by economic education specialists from the Federal Reserve and faculty from Southeastern, this workshop offered presentations and classroom activities on:

  • The Federal Reserve: America’s Central Bank
  • The Difference Between Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Economic Indicators: Measuring the Health of the Economy
  • The Circular Flow of the Economy
  • The Story of Gold: Myth, Money and Magic
  • Personal Decisionmaking in the Broader Economy

Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Dallas and the Louisiana Council for Economic Education in partnership with Southeastern Louisiana University

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Contact: Sharon Wallace at or 214-922-5276


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