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Economic Education Events

2013 Summer Events

Economics: Just the Basics
June 12–13:
Spring Branch (Houston area)
This two-day workshop reviews economic concepts that form the basis of the senior-level economics course. Workshop sessions will be led by economic education specialists with experience in the high school classroom. The content will correlate directly with the curriculum standards for the economics course. Each session will include suggestions for effective classroom strategies.

Economic Summit
June 18–19:
Dallas Fed
This two-day flagship event for secondary educators will feature guest speakers Dirk Mateer, co-director of undergraduate studies at Penn State University and author of Economics in the Movies, and Anne Macy, the Gene Edwards Professor of Finance at West Texas A&M University. Mateer's and Macy’s talent for presenting economics and finance in exciting and relevant ways has distinguished them both in the realm of economic education. Economic education staff will present additional ideas for the classroom.

International Marketplace
July 16: Houston Branch
This one-day forum, cosponsored with the Texas Council on Economic Education, is intended to deepen understanding of global issues surrounding economics. Attendees will hear from experts on the issues and learn how to effectively share the information with students using classroom-ready materials correlated to the TEKS.

Discovering the Power of Whiteboard Technology
July 31: Dallas Fed
This hands-on workshop allows educators to experience the newest interactive whiteboard content that the Dallas Fed has developed for economics and personal finance instruction. Attendees will see, touch and use interactive lessons related to the popular series Everyday Economics and Building Wealth in the Classroom. All lessons are new.

U.S. History Through an Economic Lens
June 10–11: Spring Branch (Houston area)
July 17–18: San Antonio Branch
July 23–24: Dallas Fed
July 29–30: El Paso Branch

This two-day workshop examines economic concepts integral to the 8 and 11 grade U.S. history courses. Educators will examine important economic concepts relevant in U.S. history and learn creative ways to integrate them into classroom instruction.

Global Economic Forum
August 5–6: San Antonio Branch
This two-day event provides secondary educators the opportunity to participate in a forum on the complex and interdependent global economy. This year the focus will be on classroom-ready activities to accompany the forum’s content. The activities will be related to TEKS from World Geography, World History and Economics. The annual videoconference with the Boston and Cleveland Feds will again be part of the forum and feature a keynote address by the Eleventh District’s own Anne Macy, Gene Edwards Professor of Finance at West Texas A&M University at Canyon.


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