Dallas Fed Officers

  • Dallas
  • El Paso
  • Houston
  • San Antonio

Dallas Office

  • Robert Steven Kaplan—President and CEO
  • Helen E. Holcomb— First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Meredith N. Black—Senior Vice President
  • Evan F. Koenig—Senior Vice President and Principal Policy Advisor
  • Joanna O. Kolson—Senior Vice President
  • Harvey R. Mitchell III—Senior Vice President
  • Alfreda B. Norman—Senior Vice President
  • Sharon A. Sweeney—Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
  • Robert L. Triplett III—Senior Vice President
  • Mine K. Yücel—Senior Vice President and Director of Research
  • Hazel W. Adams—Vice President
  • Tommy E. Alsbrooks—Vice President and Associate Secretary
  • Glenda S. Balfantz—Vice President and General Auditor
  • Bobby E. Coberly, Jr.—Vice President
  • Diane M. de St. Germain—Vice President
  • John V. Duca—Vice President and Associate Director of Research
  • Paul T. Elzner—Vice President
  • Robert G. Feil—Vice President and Associate Secretary
  • Jeffrey L. Garrett—Vice President
  • Sherry Kidd Garvin—Vice President
  • KaSandra Goulding—Vice President
  • John S. Insley, Jr.—Vice President
  • Kathy K. Johnsrud— Vice President
  • Richard J. Mase Jr.—Vice President
  • Dana S. Merritt—Vice President and OMWI Director
  • Robert R. Moore—Vice President
  • Pia M. Orrenius—Vice President
  • Vincent G. Pacheco—Vice President
  • Mary Jo Polidore—Vice President
  • Michael N. Turner—Vice President
  • Mark A. Wynne—Vice President, Associate Director of Research and Director of the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute
  • Dex Beyene—Assistant Vice President
  • Stephan D. Booker—Assistant Vice President
  • Matthew C. Davies—Assistant Vice President
  • Claude H. Davis—Assistant Vice President
  • D. Kay Gribbin—Assistant Vice President
  • Mario Hernandez—Assistant Vice President
  • James R. Hoard—Assistant Vice President
  • Michael D. Johnson—Assistant Vice President
  • Danny Oursbourn—Assistant Vice President
  • Jane L. Pyke—Assistant Vice President
  • Allen E. Qualman—Assistant Vice President
  • Rita Riley—Assistant Vice President
  • Gary A. Scott—Assistant Vice President
  • William W. Shaffer Jr.—Assistant Vice President
  • Shareef Shaik—Assistant Vice President
  • Thomas F. Siems—Assistant Vice President
  • Jay Sudderth—Assistant Vice President
  • Trisna Tan—Assistant Vice President
  • Bridget Aman—Information Security Officer
  • Jesse Barrientes—Examining Officer
  • Mark Hillyer—Financial Management Officer
  • Michael A. "Ike" Ikner—Operations Officer and Chief of Police
  • Elisa J. Johnson—Accounts, Risk and Credit Officer
  • Nicki G. Korb—Examining Officer
  • Roy C. Lopez—Community Development Officer
  • Robert F. Mahalik—Examining Officer
  • Amy J. McGregor—Shared Support Services Officer
  • Anthony Murphy—Economic Policy Advisor and Senior Economist
  • Marcus A. Propps—Operations Officer
  • Katherine Sedgwick—Financial Management Officer
  • Tim Stearns—Examining Officer

El Paso Branch

  • Roberto A. Coronado—Assistant Vice President in Charge
  • Javier R. Jimenez—Assistant Vice President

Houston Branch

  • Daron D. Peschel—Senior Vice President in Charge
  • Donald N. Bowers II—Vice President
  • Jason K. Ritchie—Assistant Vice President
  • Michelle D. Treviño—Assistant Vice President
  • Paul Wheeler—Assistant Vice President

San Antonio Branch

  • Blake Hastings—Senior Vice President in Charge
  • Tara F. Payne—Assistant Vice President
  • Keith R. Phillips—Assistant Vice President
  • Lawrence B. Schiff—Assistant Vice President

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