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Helen E. Holcomb

Interim President, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Helen HolcombHelen E. Holcomb has served as first vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas since April 1, 1996.   On March 20, 2015, she assumed the additional duties of interim president upon the retirement of Richard W. Fisher.

Under the Dallas Fed’s bylaws, the first vice president will serve as interim president until a new president is selected and takes office.

Prior to being named first vice president, Holcomb held the position of senior vice president with responsibility for financial planning and control, personnel services, public affairs and community affairs. She previously held other official positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

During her career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Holcomb has served in a number of different capacities within the Federal Reserve System. She currently serves as a member of the Conference of Presidents’ Information Technology Oversight Committee.

She is past chair and current member of the Conference of First Vice Presidents. Previously she has served as a member of the Financial Services Policy Committee, which oversees the direction of Federal Reserve financial services and provides leadership for the evolving U.S. payments system, and on the Committee on Credit and Risk Management. She has also served as secretary to the Federal Reserve System's Conference of Presidents, as chair of the Subcommittee on Public Information, as secretary to the Committee and Subcommittee on Business Development, and as a member of the Budget Advisory Group. In addition, Holcomb has worked with representatives of other financial institutions as the Federal Reserve System's representative to the NACHA marketing committee, and as president of the Dallas Bank Administration Institute.

Holcomb holds a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin.


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