2007 News Releases

For immediate release: September 25, 2007

William White Joins Dallas Fed's Globalization Institute Advisory Board

DALLAS—Bank for International Settlements official William White has joined the advisory board for the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

White is economic adviser and head of the Monetary and Economic Department at the Bank for International Settlements. Previously, White held a number of positions at the Bank of Canada, including deputy governor and adviser to the governor. Earlier in his career, White served as an economist for the Bank of England.

White was educated at the University of Windsor and University of Manchester.

The Dallas Fed's Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute was created to shed better light on the impact of globalization on monetary policy and the U.S. economy.

The chairman of the advisory board is John B. Taylor, Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics at Stanford University. He is a globally recognized expert on international monetary and financial issues and has produced extensive research on monetary policy, fiscal policy and international economic policy.

Other members of the advisory board include Charles R. Bean, chief economist and executive director, Bank of England; Martin Feldstein, George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University; Glenn R. Hubbard, dean, Columbia Business School; Otmar Issing, president, Center for Financial Studies; Finn Kydland, Jeff Henley Professor of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara; and Kenneth S. Rogoff, Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University.


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