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2010 Annual Report
Conference on Microeconomic Sources of Real Exchange Rate Behavior

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Vanderbilt University's Center for International Price Research cosponsored a conference titled "Microeconomic Sources of Real Exchange Rate Behavior," held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 23–25, 2010.

The following papers are available on the Dallas Fed website at Names with an asterisk (*) are those of coauthors who presented at the conference.

IKEA: Product, Pricing, and Pass-ThroughPDF
Marianne Baxter and Anthony Landry*

Pricing-to-Market: Evidence From Plant-Level PricesPDF
Doireann Fitzgerald* and Stefanie Haller

How Wide Was the Ocean? U.S. and Swedish Commodity Price Dispersion from 1732 to 1860 PDF
Mario J. Crucini and Gregor W. Smith*

The Micro-Macro Disconnect of Purchasing Power ParityPDF
Paul R. Bergin*, Reuven Glick and Jyh-Lin Wu

All Together Now: Do International Factors Explain Relative Price Comovements?PDF
Özer Karagedikli*, Haroon Mumtaz and Misa Tanaka

Aggregate Real Exchange Rate Persistence Through the Lens of Sectoral DataPDF
Maria Delores Gadea and Laura Mayoral*

International Menu Costs and Price DynamicsPDF
Raphael Schoenle

The Elasticity of Trade: Estimates and EvidencePDF
Ina Simonovska* and Michael E. Waugh

Policy-Relevant Exchange Rate Pass-Through to U.S. Import PricesPDF
Etienne Gagnon*, Benjamin R. Mandel and Robert J. Vigfusson

The Efficiency of the Global Markets for Final Goods and Productive CapabilitiesPDF
Georg Strasser

Consumption Risk Sharing, the Real Exchange Rate, and Borders: Why Does the Exchange Rate Make Such a Difference?PDF
Michael B. Devereux and Viktoria Hnatkovska*

Financial Choice in a Non-Ricardian Model of TradePDF
Katheryn N. Russ* and Diego Valderrama


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