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Jeff Bongiovanni

Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Jeff BongiovanniJeff Bongiovanni is an assistant vice president in Banking Supervision at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He oversees the regional bank portfolio supervised from the Dallas office. The teams reporting to him oversee several state member banks and numerous bank holding companies, while providing key contributions to Federal Reserve System activities. Bongiovanni serves as the Dallas Fed’s representative on the Regional Bank Organization Management Group and the Small Bank Supervision Workgroup established by Fed Governor Michelle Bowman.

He earned his examiner commission in 2006, before serving in several management roles. He has also worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Additionally, he was a review examiner at the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, where he oversaw the New Orleans district and examiner training.

Bongiovanni holds a degree in finance from Louisiana State University. He is also a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at LSU.