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Dottie MacIntyre

Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Dottie MacIntyreDottie MacIntyre is an assistant vice president in Banking Supervision at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, where she oversees teams in the San Antonio office responsible for supervision of regional banking organizations and a complex supervised insurance organization. She also oversees a team responsible for performing quality control and support activities for large and regional bank portfolios.

MacIntyre has worked with the Federal Reserve, first with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as an examiner and then at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, before joining the Dallas Fed. She has worked in and managed multiple areas within Banking Supervision. Additionally, MacIntyre has participated in and led several System and Reserve Bank initiatives.

MacIntyre holds a BS from the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce, and an MA from Columbia University. She is also a graduate of the Dallas Fed’s Career Development Program.