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Juan Marquez

Assistant Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Juan MarquezJuan Marquez is the assistant vice president of Credit, Risk and Reserves Management at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, where he oversees discount window and reserves operations. His team supports the implementation of monetary policy and relieves liquidity strains in the U.S. financial system by providing extensions of credit to eligible depository institutions, administering master accounts and paying interest on reserves. His team also monitors the condition of all Eleventh District depository institutions and mitigates credit risk to the Dallas Fed and the payment system by setting appropriate risk controls.

During his tenure at the Dallas Fed, Marquez has developed a strong background in assessing the financial health of banking organizations, lending arrangements and risk management practices. He previously served as the Eleventh District’s coordinator for the Shared National Credit program, which assesses the risk in the largest and most complex credits in the U.S. that are shared by multiple regulated financial institutions. He also previously served as the secretary for the Dallas Fed’s Officer Advisory Committee.

Prior to joining the Dallas Fed, he held management positions with Bank of America and AIG and served in the United States Marine Corps.

Marquez is a graduate of the Dallas Fed’s Career Development Program.