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Tim Stearns

Vice President
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Tim StearnsTim Stearns is a vice president in Banking Supervision at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. As vice president, Stearns is responsible for the supervision and regulation of large and regional banking organizations as well as insurance savings and loan holding companies headquartered in the Eleventh District. Stearns serves on Federal Reserve System oversight groups established to ensure consistent application of supervisory expectations across the nation.

Previously, he held the positions of assistant vice president over the financial institutions supervised out of the Dallas Fed’s San Antonio Branch, assistant vice president in the community banking unit of Banking Supervision and central point of contact of a large insurance savings and loan holding company. In 2008, during the financial crisis, he was detailed to the U.S. Treasury Department, where he served as an analyst and reported to the Treasury’s Investment Committee, which was responsible for making investments under the Troubled Asset Relief Program’s Capital Purchase Program. Stearns began his career with the Dallas Fed in 1998.

Stearns holds a bachelor’s degree in art from Saint Anselm College, which included a year abroad at Oxford University. He received his examiner commission in 2002 and completed the Graduate School of Banking Program at the University of Colorado in 2007.