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About Dallas Fed Careers

Step up Your Career

We know that every career decision is difficult, and the choices you make can greatly affect your future—both professionally and personally. That's why it's important to evaluate each opportunity carefully. When you do, we think you'll want to consider the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

The Dallas Fed and its branch offices in El Paso, Houston and San Antonio have a lot to offer in terms of employment opportunities and benefits. Because our business places us at the center of the national economy and banking network, the dynamics of the industry provide challenges and excitement rarely matched in the workplace. We take a leadership role in the financial services we provide, in the technology we use and in the employment experience we offer.


In July 2010, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection Act were signed into law. Included in the financial industry reforms is a provision requiring that each Reserve Bank and the Board of Governors establish an Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI).

OMWI is charged with developing standards and procedures to ensure fair inclusion of minorities, women, and women-owned and minority-owned business in all activities of the Bank, including workforce diversity, financial education and procurement.

Applying for a Position

We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. You must apply for a specific job in order for your profile to be searchable within our database. Simply creating a profile will not allow our recruiters to search your resume. Should we find your qualifications appropriate for the position(s) that you have applied for, a recruiter will contact you.