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Volume 13, Issue 3, 2013   Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

United Way THRIVE: A Comprehensive Approach

Collaborative Program Finds Financial Pathways for Houston Families
Over the past five years, many Houston families have made strides toward attaining financial stability through a community effort launched and led by the United Way of Greater Houston. The program, known as United Way THRIVE, is a collaboration of 21 nonprofit agencies providing comprehensive services to help Houston families find the path to financial stability. Read more »

United Way THRIVE Focuses on Financial Goals
The THRIVE program’s strategy is to help individuals and families reach their financial objectives through asset-building efforts, using a three-pronged system. The strategy has been successful for many participants, as seen in three examples showcased in the program literature. Read more »


News & Events

  • The Center for Public Policy Priorities has launched an online data tool, the Texas Regional Opportunity Indexoff-site. The index allows users to create an Opportunity Snapshot to evaluate Texas counties/regions on economic mobility indicators.
  • North Texas public broadcaster KERA has launched “One Crisis Away,”off-site a project that examines issues facing North Texas families that are living with asset poverty. The multimedia initiative will include video, radio, blogging and a webpage with local resources where families living on the financial edge can find help. A public forum on the issue is scheduled for Feb. 27, 2014, and will be taped live from the Dallas City Performance Hall.
  • Attention social entrepreneurs and social investors: On Jan. 9–10, 2014, Austin will be the site of the first statewide IMPACT Texas summitoff-site, focused on impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Registeroff-site by Dec. 9 for early-bird pricing.
  • Save the date: May 5–7, 2014. The 2014 RAISE Texas Summit, “Creating Financial Capability Opportunities for all Texans,” will be held in San Antonio on May 7, 2014. On May 5–6, the summit will be preceded by a NeighborWorks financial coaching training session sponsored by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation. Read moreoff-site
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