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$1 Trillion in Student Loan Debt: The Story Behind the Numbers

August 29, 2012 Dallas Fed

Hosted by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Student loan debt now surpasses the $1 trillion mark, and many students struggle to make their payments. Join this audioconference to learn about:

  • The drivers of the rising levels of student loan debt
  • The reasons contributing to the increased volume of student loan delinquencies and defaults
  • The segment of student populations that may be especially impacted
  • Initiatives to address the needs of student borrowers


  • Sandy Baum, Senior Fellow, Graduate School of Education and Human Development, The George Washington University
  • Rohit Chopra, Student Loan Ombudsman, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Ajita Talwalker, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Undersecretary, Department of Education

Date and Time

  • Wednesday, August 29
    2 p.m.–3:15 p.m. CDT


  • This is an audioconference. Registration is required. Once registered, you will receive an email containing the call-in information.

Ask the Speakers Questions

  • For questions for the speakers BEFORE the call, email by Monday, Aug. 27.
  • For questions for the speakers DURING the call, email, and we will cover as many of them as possible during the Q&A session.

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