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Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Meeting and Webcast

June 19, 2012 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

The Texas Foreclosure Prevention Task Force is a network of over 90 individuals and organizations working collaboratively to avert home mortgage foreclosures and lessen the impact of foreclosures on Texas families and communities. We support at-risk homeowners by connecting them with free, HUD-approved housing counseling services available throughout Texas, while leveraging our collective fiscal, in-kind and intellectual resources to support these trusted advisers with funding, specialized training, marketing and outreach services.

The morning session, which was webcast, began with special guest speaker Laurie Maggiano, director of policy at the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Homeownership Preservation. Maggiano spoke on the recent extension and expansion of the Making Home Affordable Program. We heard directly from the Treasury Department about program changes being made, the new opportunities for homeowner assistance and the timing of program availability.

Tonya Sims and Vivien King, NeighborWorks America National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program staff, presented an update on the NFMC, the recent Urban Institute study on the impact of NFMC program-funded counseling and the important role of compliance testing for housing counseling agencies.

After the webcast concluded, the TFPTF meeting continued with the Dallas audience hearing presentations from a variety of stakeholders who discussed topics of relevance to the regional homeownership preservation effort. The panelists included an underwriter, a provider of down payment assistance and homebuyer education, as well as others involved in preserving homeownership and supporting the recovery of the local housing market.





Alfreda Norman
Vice President, Community Development
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas


Bonnie Wolferd
Chair, Task Force Leadership Committee


Making Home Affordable

Director of Policy
Office of Homeownership Preservation
U.S. Department of the Treasury




JoAnn DePenning
Task Force Cochair


NFMC Program Update
National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program, Congressional Update, Executive Summary
Urban Institute Report: Has Foreclosure Counseling Helped Troubled Homeowners?
Tonya Sims
Senior Quality Control and Compliance Manager
NeighborWorks America


Counseling Impact Study
Vivien King
Peer Learning and Communications Program Manager
NeighborWorks America



12:30 p.m.

Webcast concludes


TFPTF Luncheon Panel
Representatives from mortgage lenders, FHA/HUD and nonprofit down payment assistance providers will discuss opportunities and barriers for first-time homebuyers entering the market.


Q&A with panel


The Texas Financial Toolbox
Paige Omohundro
Texas State Affordable Housing Corp.


Next Steps for the Task Force
Bonnie Wolferd


Meeting adjourns