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Economic Summit 2017

Economic Forces in U.S. History—Let’s Hear from the People

June 27–29, 2017 Dallas Fed

This program is a collaborative effort of the National Archives and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Economic forces have shaped the history of the United States from its earliest days. These ideas were explored at the Economic Summit 2017, including examining primary sources with Dr. Charles Flanagan, the Director of Educational Programming for the Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Collaborate with fellow educators and participate in classroom lesson demonstrations. Each day of the conference focused on a different period of interaction between the government and the economy, as seen in the legislative records, including:

  • The Bank Wars—How does government shape the financial system?
  • The Great Depression—How does the government respond to financial crisis?
  • The Great Society—How does the government shape the economic outcomes of individuals and regions?

Contact Information
For more information, contact Janine Friesen at 214-922-6930 or