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Federal Reserve Banks' Customer Access Services

The Federal Reserve provides depository institutions with several electronic options to access Federal Reserve Financial Services. Currently, the access services include:

  • FedLine Web®
  • FedLine Advantage®
  • FedLine Direct®
  • FedLine Command®
  • FedMail®
  • FedPhone®

The Customer Contact Center listed below will provide up-to-date information and estimated recovery times for disruptions in electronic access connections and services. In the case of a generalized service disruption, updates will be provided through a FedLine homepage alert or announcement, a message on the phone system, or through the Service Status homepage on

If your organization uses access solutions via the Internet or telephone, first confirm whether your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunications provider is the cause of the service disruption. If the problem is not related to these providers, call the Customer Contact Center for assistance.

Customer Access Services Contacts
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