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If the FedACH service experiences a disruption, information will be provided on both the Dallas Fed's website ( and on the FedACH National Business Continuity site listed below.

If you, as a FedACH customer, must operate in a contingency mode, contact the FedACH Central Operations Support (COS) site at the number listed below.

You can advise the FedACH COS site to redirect ACH files to an alternative receiving point, or you can send ACH files to the Fed from an alternative sending point as it appears in your FedACH participation agreement. Other arrangements for sending and receiving ACH files can also be made, depending on the circumstances that caused you to operate in a contingency mode.

The FedACH COS strongly suggests that you enroll in FedPhone®, the Federal Reserve's telephone voice response system. Use FedPhone with a touchtone telephone to process returns and most notifications of change when other alternatives, such as FedLine Advantage® and FedACH Information Services, are unavailable. For information on registering for FedPhone, contact your account executive or the FedACH COS.

FedACH Contacts and Information Sources
Business Continuity