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Energy Indicators

Prices for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil went up in January to a three-year high. Permian Basin crude oil production continued to increase as the oil rig count continues to rise.

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Institute Working Papers

Optimal Monetary Policy Under Bounded Rationality

Optimal monetary policy under discretion, commitment, and optimal simple rules regimes is analyzed through a behavioral New Keynesian model. Flexible price level targeting dominates under discretion; flexible inflation targeting dominates under commitment; and strict price level targeting dominates when using optimal simple rules.

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Mexico Economic Update

Mexico Economic Growth Rebounds in Fourth Quarter

Mexico’s economic output recovered sharply in the fourth quarter, rising 4.1 percent after falling in the third quarter as a result of the September earthquakes.

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In Focus
Rob Kaplan Discusses Technology-Enabled Disruption

In a new series of videos, Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan discusses technology-enabled disruption and its likely impact on inflation, labor markets and the skills gap in the United States.

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Featured Event

Technology-Enabled Disruption: Implications for Business, Labor Markets and Monetary Policy —Dallas, May 24–25: This conference aims to provide a better understanding of the technology-enabled disruption phenomenon and explore its implications for the broader economy, in particular, labor markets and the workforce.

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The Economy in Action
The Economy in Action

The Economy in Action is a free exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Energy Research

The Dallas Fed is a premier source for information on energy economics.


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