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Interviews with President Rob Kaplan


Date Interview
5-31-2017 Council on Foreign Relations: A Conversation With Robert Kaplan
Robert Kaplan discusses the importance of fiscal policy and structural reform, how changes in energy markets and in demographics are affecting Texas, and the slow growth challenges facing the U.S. and global economies.
2-28-2017 Fed’s Kaplan: Taking Steps to Remove Accommodation
President Kaplan talks to CNBC's Steve Liesman about the way the Fed is thinking about rate hikes.
1-6-2017 Fed’s Kaplan: First Half of 2017 Will Be Strong
In an interview with with Michael McKee on “Bloomberg Markets,” President Kaplan discusses the minutes from the December FOMC meeting, the jobs report, slack in the labor market, fiscal stimulus, oil prices and interest rates.


Date Interview
12-2016 Why You Need to Know Robert Steven Kaplan
In an article published in the December 2016 issue of D CEO magazine, President Kaplan explains how he helps define the nation's monetary policy.
11-30-2016 Fed's Kaplan backs rate hike but says Fed will keep an eye on Trump's policies
In an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Alley," President Kaplan said that he and the Fed will be watching what comes out of the incoming administration's policies to see if they need to adjust their position on raising interest rates in the future.
11-04-2016 Fed's Kaplan: Future Accommodation to Be Very Gradual
President Kaplan comments on the outlook for Fed policy during an interview with Bloomberg's Mike McKee on "Bloomberg Markets."
11-04-2016 Fed's Kaplan on Policy Accommodation and Trade
President Kaplan discusses the Fed's interest-rate path and U.S. trade with Mexico. He speaks with Bloomberg Economics Editor Michael McKee in Mexico City
11-04-2016 Fed's Kaplan: Mexico Trade Makes U.S. More Competitive
President Kaplan said Mexico's relationship with the U.S. is "very important" and is "critical" to the Dallas Federal Reserve region he oversees. Kaplan spoke to Bloomberg Economics Editor Michael McKee in Mexico City
8-1-2016 President Kaplan Interviewed on Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg's Tom Mackenzie interviewed Bank President Rob Kaplan in Beijing. Kaplan discussed his views monetary policy and the importance of thinking globally, among other topics.
6-10-2016 Q&A with President Kaplan on Income Inequality
In a Dallas Morning News article published June 8, 2016, President Kaplan answered questions about income inequality.
4-12-16 Fed's Kaplan: Four Factors Driving Rate Policy Caution
CNBC senior economics reporter Steve Liesman interviewed Bank President Rob Kaplan live in the Dallas office for the network’s "Squawk Box" program
3-25-2016 President Kaplan Focus of Wall Street Journal Article
Rob Kaplan was interviewed by Wall Street Journal reporter Jon Hilsenrath for an article that appeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Money and Investing section March 25. The article discussed Kaplan’s approach to monetary policy and views on the Fed’s recent decision to raise short-term interest rates.
3-8-2016 Rob Kaplan in DMN: 'Investing in Texas education is key to our economic future'
President Rob Kaplan discussed the need for Texas to address its educational attainment gap in a Dallas Morning News opinion column titled “Rob Kaplan: Investing in Texas education is key to our economic future,” published March 8.
3-4-2016 President Kaplan Appears on KERA's CEO Series: Part 2
In part two of a two-part series on KERA TV's CEO, President Rob Kaplan discussed the role of the Federal Reserve and how it helps shape the nation’s monetary policy.
2-5-2016 President Kaplan Appears on KERA's CEO Series: Part 1
In part one, Rob Kaplan discussed the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates last December.
1-29-2016 Reuters Interview with President Kaplan: Fed will be patient on U.S. policy given global risks
1-29-2016 Blooomberg Interview: Kaplan Says Fed Needs Time to Judge Impact of Market Turmoil
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