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Rob Kaplan in the News


8-27-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan on Business Imbalances, Tapering, Fed Funds Rate
8-26-21 Yahoo Finance: Fed’s Kaplan calls for tapering announcement in September
8-26-21 CNBC: Fed’s Kaplan supports central bank announcing taper plan in September
8-20-21 Fox Business: Dallas Fed’s Kaplan on delta variant, interest rates
8-11-21 CNBC: Fed's Kaplan says central bank needs to be 'prepared to react' to inflation
8-6-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Calls for Gradual, Balanced Bond Tapering Soon (Podcast)
8-4-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan wants bond-buying taper to start soon and be gradual
7-9-21 Barron's: Dallas Fed Chief Robert Kaplan on Why the Fed Should (Slowly) Back Off
6-30-21 Bloomberg: Fed's Kaplan on Inflation Pressures, Path of Monetary Policy
5-27-21 CNBC: Dallas Fed’s Kaplan on the taper timeline
5-27-21 Wall Street Journal: Dallas Fed’s Kaplan Ready to Discuss Pulling Back on Bond Buying Stimulus
5-27-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan says labor market tightening, calls for taper talk
5-21-21 Fox Business: Fed's tapering could be 'sooner rather than later': Dallas Fed president
5-20-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Says ‘Gently’ Scaling Back Fed Support May Be Wise
5-20-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan repeats call for opening QE taper debate
5-14-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan sees risk of inflation gaining a foothold in U.S. economy
5-13-21 Houston Chronicle: Unemployment benefits only one piece to labor shortage puzzle, Dallas Fed president says
5-10-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan on Colonial Cyberattack, Taper Debate, Inflation
5-4-21 MarketWatch: Fed’s Kaplan, in interview, says it’s time to open discussion on tapping brakes on central-bank support for economy
5-4-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan says jury is out about inflation outlook
4-30-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan warns on 'imbalances,' wants to talk taper
4-30-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Wants to Talk Taper, Breaks Ranks With Powell
4-8-21 Fox Business: Dallas Fed president expects interest rates to reach pre-pandemic levels
4-7-21 Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Kaplan Says the Economy Still Needs Central Bank Support
4-7-21 Transcript: WSJ Interview With Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan
3-31-21 KERA Think: Dallas Fed Chair Talks Post-Pandemic Economy
3-31-21 Marketplace: How COVID-19 made high-frequency data a go-to economic indicator
3-31-21 Bloomberg: Fed's Kaplan Expects Inflation to Moderate Going Into 2022
3-31-21 Nikkei: Dallas Fed chief calls for interest rate 'action' when benchmarks met
3-30-21 Washington Post: The soft underbelly to a looming economic boom: Millions will miss out
3-26-21 Texas Tribune: Experts hopeful about state’s economic recovery, but jobless Texans still face problems filing for benefits
3-23-21 CNBC: Fed’s Kaplan said he expects an interest rate hike in 2022
3-23-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan says he is among policymakers expecting rate hike in 2022
3-23-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Estimates First U.S. Rate Increase Will Be in 2022
3-23-21 Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Kaplan Acknowledges Offering 2022 Rate Rise View at Fed Meeting
2-17-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan says coronavirus variants, vaccine rollout his top concern
2-12-21 Yahoo Finance: Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan speaks with Yahoo Finance
2-9-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan on Inflation, Pandemic Recovery, Energy
2-9-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Expects Temporary Inflation Spikes During Recovery
2-8-21 Macro Musings: Robert Kaplan on the Fed’s New Framework, Inflation, and the Post-COVID Economy
2-2-21 CNBC: Dallas Fed President Kaplan stresses need for more spending to keep economic recovery going
2-2-21 MarketWatch: Community colleges and their students were already vulnerable. Then the pandemic hit
1-29-21 Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Kaplan Upbeat on Outlook, Says More Growth Depends on Vaccination
1-29-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Expects ‘Enthusiastic’ Debate on Taper Timing
1-29-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan: need healthy fossil fuel industry during green transition
1-29-21 The Economic Recovery Has a Child-Care Problem
1-11-21 Reuters: Fed's Kaplan hopes to begin QE weaning this year
1-11-21 Bloomberg: Fed Officials See Strong U.S. Rebound, Fanning Talk of Taper
1-11-21 Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Bostic Says Strong Recovery Could Open Door to Bond Taper This Year
1-7-21 Bloomberg: Fed’s Kaplan Says Expect Rising Bond Yields as Economy Mends






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