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Economic Outreach

The Dallas Fed is committed to economic outreach and engages with stakeholders across the Eleventh District by listening, educating and informing. Our outreach activities include creating programs, providing resources and leading initiatives that promote financial education and enrich public understanding of the Federal Reserve.
Our Goals for Economic Outreach:
  • Strengthen engagement and connection to the Bank and communities in the Eleventh District.
  • Convene individuals and organizations to address current and emerging issues and priorities.
  • Increase public understanding of the Dallas Fed and the Federal Reserve System.
  • Inspire public confidence and understanding of the mission of the Dallas Fed and the Federal Reserve System.
In Focus
Industry Outreach

Leverages, builds and nurtures relationships with leaders of financial institutions to promote greater understanding of the Federal Reserve’s roles and responsibilities; increase understanding of, and convening individuals and organizations around, issues, concerns and opportunities for financial institutions in the Eleventh District.

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The Economy in Action
Economic Education

Provides resources, publications and education that promotes personal financial literacy and community economic well-being. Engages with educators, stakeholders and the public through tours, exhibitions, conferences, and training.

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Community Engagement

Builds relationships within communities across the Eleventh District. Engages with stakeholders to learn about and discuss economic challenges and opportunities in the communities we serve and increase awareness of the mission of the Federal Reserve.

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Community Development

Promotes the economic resilience and mobility of low- and moderate-income individuals, families and communities.

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