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Economic Research and Updates

Economic Analysis and Insights


  • Southwest Economy: Quarterly publication covering the Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana economies will keep you current on agriculture, banking, energy, high technology, manufacturing and international trade in the southwest region.
  • Working Papers: Get updates when preliminary drafts of Dallas Fed Research papers are available online.


  • Eleventh District Beige Book: Anecdotal information about recent economic conditions and trends in the Eleventh District.
  • Surveys: Monthly surveys of hundreds of Texas businesses in the banking, manufacturing and service sectors—Banking Conditions Survey, Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey and Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey—are available online.
  • Trimmed Mean PCE Inflation Rate: Get email announcements of the latest inflation data. Also follow Dallas Fed Economist Jim Dolmas as he goes behind the inflation rate numbers in his in-depth "Behind the Numbers" report.
  • Agricultural Survey: Timely assessments of agricultural credit conditions that reflect the overall health of this important sector in the Eleventh District.

Economic Updates and Indicators

  • Get up-to-date snapshots of current economic conditions in the region and nation. You will also receive updates on the energy sector and economic indicators—employment, housing and business-cycle indexes—for selected Texas metro areas.

Energy Research

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Economic Research Events

Globalization Institute

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Community Development

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Economic Education

Subscribers will receive announcements and updates regarding classroom-ready resources and unique professional development opportunities to aid teachers better prepare students for the changing global economy.

Community Engagement

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Dallas Fed President Essays and Speeches

Subscribers to this list receive notices of the latest published essays and speeches by the Dallas Fed president.


Economic Research Events

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