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Yichen Su

Senior Research Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Curriculum vitae

Yichen SuYichen Su joined the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in the summer of 2018. Su’s current research focuses on urban economics, labor economics and public economics. His doctoral dissertation investigates the determinants of the urban gentrification that has occurred over the last few decades. His other research projects include estimating the “local multiplier” effect of “star-performing” firms on the economy of neighboring communities and measuring residents’ valuation of neighborhood consumption amenities. He is now investigating (with Paul Oyer) how people trade off the cost of commuting and their expected compensation when they make decisions to take up “gig” work.

Su graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at Los Angeles with a BA in business economics and holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University.

Working Papers
Dallas Fed Publications