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Carlos E. Zarazaga

Senior Research Economist and Advisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Carlos ZarazagaCarlos E. Zarazaga is Senior Research Economist and Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He holds a Licenciatura in Economics from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Minnesota, USA.

Previous to his Graduate Studies in the United States, he worked at the Central Bank of Argentina, first as an economist at the Public Finance Department and later as economic advisor for the Fiscal Affairs Commission of Argentina’s Senate. After receiving his Ph D, he joined the Federal Reserve System in 1992, first at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and then, from 1994 to present, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

At his current position, Dr. Zarazaga regularly briefs the President and Board of Directors of the Dallas Fed about economic conditions in the United States and abroad. In addition to this policy oriented responsibilities, Dr. Zarazaga carries out scholarly research on economic topics relevant to his position, such as business cycles and economic crises, inflation outcomes under alternative monetary and fiscal policy regimes, fiscal policy and sovereign debt defaults, and growth and economic development.

He participates regularly in academic and policymaking forums throughout the world, and periodically publishes his research in books, Dallas Fed publications, and peer-reviewed journals.

Curriculum Vitae

Carlos Zarazaga
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