00-82 12-29-00 Request for Public Comment on Amendments to Regulation C
00-81 12-26-00 Final Consumer Protection Rules for the Sale of Insurance Products
00-80 12-21-00 Request for Public Comment on Lower Risk Weighting for Bank Claims on Securities Firms
00-79 12-19-00 FFIEC Issues Guidance on Technology Outsourcing
00-78 12-15-00 Interim Rule and Request for Public Comment on Market Risk Rules
00-77 12-13-00 Request for Public Comment on Agency Information Collection Proposals
00-76 12-7-00 Adjustment of the Dollar Amount that Triggers Regulation Z
00-75 12-5-00 Amendment to Regulation D (Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions)
00-74 12-1-00 2001 Fee Changes
00-73 11-27-00 2001 Fee Changes
00-72 11-21-00 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding a Simplified Capital Framework for Non-Complex Institutions
00-71 11-17-00 Revisions to the Reports of Condition and Income (Call Report) for 2001
00-70 11-14-00 New Approach to Pricing ACH Transactions
00-69 11-7-00 Federal Reserve System Check Modernization Initiative
00-68 11-9-00 2000 Eleventh District Salary Survey Reports
00-67 11-6-00 Request for Public Comment on Proposed Consumer Protection Rules for Affiliate Information Sharing Practices
00-66 10-25-00 Results of Election
00-65 10-25-00 Bank Regulators' Data Show Continued Increase in Adversely Classified Syndicated Bank Loans
00-64 10-17-00 Final Rule Amending Regulation Z (Truth in Lending)
00-63 10-17-00 Proposed Revisions to the Risk-Based Capital Adequacy Guidelines
00-62 10-13-00 Keys to Vehicle Leasing: A Consumer Resource
00-61 10-13-00 Appointment of Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen for 2001
00-60 10-11-00 Availability of the June 2000 Uniform Bank Performance Reports
00-59 10-4-00 Election of Directors: Report of Nomnations—Voting Procedures
00-58 9-26-00 Guidance on Managing the Settlement of Risk Arising from Foreign Exchange Transactions; Guidance on Credit Risk in Banking
00-57 9-22-00 Request for Public Comment on Proposed Policy Statement on Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Methodologies and Documentation for Banks and Savings Institutions
00-56 9-21-00 Steps to Remove Barriers to the Development of Electronic Check Presentment in the United States
00-55 9-6-00 Request for Public Comment on Proposed Insurance Consumer Protection Rules
00-54 8-29-00 Availability of Data on Small Business, Small Farm, and Community Development Lending
00-53 8-23-00 Availability of 1999 Data on Mortgage Lending Transactions
00-52 8-22-00 Election of Directors; Nomination Procedures
00-51 8-11-00 2001 Eleventh District Holiday Schedule
00-50 8-10-00 Request for Public Comment on a Proposed Rule that Allows a Financial Holding Company to Act as a "Finder" to Bring Together Buyers and Sellers
00-49 8-11-00 Pamphlet for Regulation P (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information) and Updated Indexes to Regulations
00-48 7-28-00 Slip-Sheet Amendments to Regulation A and the Official Staff Commentary to Regulation Z; Slip-Sheet Amendments and Corrections to Regulation Y
00-47 7-26-00 Slip-Sheet Amendments to Regulations H and Z; Revised Pamphlet for Regulation L
00-46 7-21-00 Request for Public Comment on Proposed Revisions to Regulation E (Electronic Fund Transfers)
00-45 7-20-00 Request for Public Comment on a Proposal to Revise the Official Staff Commentary to Regulation E (Electronic Fund Transfers)
00-44 7-18-00 Request for Public Comment on Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards for Safguarding Customer Information and Rescission of Year 2000 Standards for Safety and Soundness
00-43 7-14-00 Sound Practices for Equity Investment and Merchant Banking
00-42 7-12-00 Agencies Issue Revised Suspicious Activity Report Form
00-41 7-1-00 Availability of the March 2000 Uniform Bank Performance Reports
00-40 6-30-00 Solicitation of Nominations for the Consumer Advisory Council
00-39 6-23-00 Revised Uniform Retail Credit Classification and Account Management Policy
00-38 6-16-00 Proposed Amendments to Regulation Z (Truth in Lending)
00-37 6-20-00 Request for Additional Public Comment on Modifying Federal Reserve ACH Deposit Deadlines and Pricing Practices Relative to Private-Sector ACH Operators
00-36 6-22-00 Joint Final Rule: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
00-35 6-8-00 Fee Schedules for Same-Day Settlement
00-34 6-3-00 Price Changes for Check Collection; Super High-Dollar Group Sort Product and Expansion of the High-Dollar Group Sort Culls
00-33 5-31-00 2000 Telephone Directory for the Eleventh Federal Reserve District
00-32 5-22-00 Update on the Golden Dollar Coin
00-31 5-30-00 Request for Public Comment on a Proposed Rule that Implements Provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
00-30 5-24-00 A Guide to Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses; Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws
00-29 5-18-00 Uniform Bank Performance Reports Available in Electronic Format
00-28 5-5-00 Joint Interim Rule and Request for Public Comment Regarding Merchant Banking Investments
00-27 4-28-00 Slip-Sheet Amendments to Regulations A and Y
00-26 4-17-00 FFIEC Urges Financial Institutions Not to Forget Lessons Learned from Year 2000 Project
00-25 4-12-00 Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios
00-24 4-10-00 Revisions to the Official Staff Commentary to Regulation Z (Truth in Lending)
00-23 4-6-00 Joint Interim Rule and Request for Public Comment on Alternative to Debt Requirement for Financial Subsidiaries
00-22 3-31-00 Assessment of Surcharges for Forward Check Collection
00-21 3-31-00 Amendments to Interim Rule and Request for Public Comment on Regulation Y
00-20 3-29-00 Proposed Revisions to the Risk-based Capital Standards
00-19 3-27-00 Three Interim Rules and Three Requests for Public Comments
00-18 3-22-00 Availability of the December 1999 Uniform Bank Performance Reports
00-17 3-15-00 Program for Direct Shipment of Golden Dollars
00-16 3-10-00 U.S. Efforts to Combat Global Counterfeiting
00-15 3-8-00 Proposed Regulation Implementing the Privacy Provision of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
00-14 3-2-00 2000 Fee Schedules
00-13 2-15-00 Golden Dollar Coin Update
00-12 2-25-00 Revised Pamphlet for Regulation BB; Slip-Sheet Amendments to Regulations A, H, and K
00-11 2-22-00 Selected Interest Rates Booklet
00-10 2-17-00 Request for Public Comment on Revisions Regarding Tying Restrictions
00-09 2-4-00 Interim Rule and Request for Public Comment on Regulation Y (Bank Holding Companies and Change in Bank Control)
00-08 2-4-00 Advisory Letter on Consumer Credit Reporting Practices
00-07 1-31-00 Appointments to the Consumer Advisory Council
00-06 1-18-00 New Golden Dollar Coin
00-05 1-21-00 Preliminary Figures on the Operating Income of Federal Reserve Banks
00-04 1-21-00 2000 Fee Changes
00-03 1-14-00 Uniform Endorsement Standard
00-02 1-6-00 Final Rule Amending the Staff Commentary to Regulation C (Home Mortgage Disclosure)
00-01 1-4-00 Appointments to the Thrift Institutions Advisory Council