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A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

For Consumers

For Consumers

Building Wealth at Home

Explore this site for tools to learn how to:

Online Guide

With the Building Wealth online guide you can:

  • Learn about the people of Building Wealth
    • Explore their various financial situations and related topics
    • See how each character sets goals, budgets, builds credit and controls debt
    • Review what they (and you) have learned
  • Try out interactive forms and tools (available in web, PDF or Excel versions) on
    • Defining personal wealth
    • Using a balance sheet to determine net worth
    • Setting financial goals
    • Tracking daily spending
    • Creating a budget
    • Planning an investment strategy
    • Controlling debt
  • Navigate between tools/resources and chapter content
  • Easily access glossary and resource links

The online guide also contains the information and resources available in the printed guide pdf and tablet guide pdf.

Printed Guide

The Building Wealth printed guide includes:

  • Lessons with examples of how the people of Building Wealth set goals, budget, build credit and control debt (see the online guide for more in-depth exploration of each character and their financial situations)
  • Paper forms that help you learn how to
    • Define personal wealth
    • Use a balance sheet to determine net worth
    • Set financial goals
    • Track daily spending
    • Create a budget
    • Plan an investment strategy
    • Control debt
  • A comprehensive glossary and resource list in the back of the guide

To request free paper copies, order online or call 800-333-4460.

The printed guide is available for download in English pdf and Spanish pdf.

Tablet Guide

The tablet-optimized version of the Building Wealth printed guide is:

  • Formatted to fit your tablet screen
  • Easy to navigate between budgeting tools and chapter content
  • Complete with glossary and resource links
  • Available for download in English pdf