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Consumer Information

Fraudulent Communications

It has come to our attention that letters and emails purportedly from Federal Reserve Bank officials requesting money are being directed to individuals inside and outside the United States. The Dallas Fed does not have any involvement in these communications and advises recipients not to respond.

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Special Report

Annual Report 2016

The Bank's 2016 Annual Report includes highlights of the year's most important activities, a letter from the President, financials and a roster of Bank leadership.

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Economic Indicators

San Antonio Economic Indicators, May 2017

Growth in the San Antonio economy continued at a healthy pace in April. Jobs increased robustly, while the unemployment rate declined even as the labor force continued to expand.

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In Focus
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Latest Southwest Economy

First quarter 2017 issue looks at soaring home prices in Texas, the state's 2017 economic outlook, Dallas'strong job growth. Also included is an "On the Record" conversation with Fred P. Hochberg and a new feature, "Go Figure."

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Featured Event

U.S.–Mexico Ties in the 21st Century: Trade and Immigration in a New Era—May 12. Over the last few decades, the U.S. and Mexico have gained from openness to trade, migration and investment. This conference will explore what the future may bring to this mutually beneficial economic relationship in what promises to be the beginning of a new era.

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International House Price Database, Fourth Quarter 2016 Data

The international house price database comprises quarterly house price and personal disposable income (PDI) series for a number of countries.

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The Economy in Action
The Economy in Action

The Economy in Action is a free exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Energy Research

The Dallas Fed is a premier source for information on energy economics.


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About the Dallas Fed

As one of twelve regional Reserve Banks in the Federal Reserve System, the Dallas Fed serves the Eleventh Federal Reserve District, which consists of Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico.

The Eleventh District