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Institute Working Papers

Structural Change and Global Trade

Services, which are less traded than goods, rose from 58 percent of world expenditure in 1970 to 79 percent in 2015. In a trade model featuring nonhomothetic preferences and input-output linkages, we find that such structural change has restrained the growth of world trade to GDP by 15 percentage points over this period.

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Regional Economy

Texas Employment Forecast

Incorporating June job growth of 3.9 percent and a slight increase in the leading index, the Texas Employment Forecast suggests jobs will grow 2.5 percent this year.

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Institute Working Papers

Identifying News Shocks with Forecast Data

The estimated model shows new empirical evidence that technology news shocks are a major source of fluctuations in U.S. output growth.

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In Focus
Technology-Enabled Disruption

This conference, on May 22–23, 2019, focused on technology implications for business, labor markets, education and monetary policy. Participants included, economists, business leaders, central bankers, educators and others.

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Southwest Economy, Second Quarter 2019

The latest issue looks at Texas’ tight labor markets, booming industrial construction and Eleventh District bank performance. It also includes a Spotlight on Mexico’s fiscal reform, a Q&A with Southwest Business Corp.’s Charlie Amato and an infographic on state graduation rates.

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global perspectives
Global Perspectives

This speaker series brings thought leaders from the worlds of business and academia to the Dallas Fed to share their insights on global developments.

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Latest Analysis

Economic insights from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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Energy Research

The Dallas Fed is a premier source for information on energy economics.


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About the Dallas Fed

As one of twelve regional Reserve Banks in the Federal Reserve System, the Dallas Fed serves the Eleventh Federal Reserve District, which consists of Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico.

The Eleventh District