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Community Listening Session


Fed Listens: A Conversation in Southern Dallas with Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard H. Clarida and Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan

How does the nation’s monetary policy impact people in South Dallas? How well does it reflect conditions there? As the Federal Reserve works to promote maximum employment and price stability, it seeks input on how its decisions affect local communities.

At the Fed, we’re currently reviewing our monetary policy strategy to find out if there are ways it could be improved to achieve the goals assigned to us by law. To make sure we consider a broad range of views from the public we serve, we’re holding Fed Listens events in diverse locations across the U.S. These events will focus on communities where, despite a strong economy, people are struggling to keep pace.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas hosted a Fed Listens community listening session on Monday, February 25, at St. Philip’s School and Community Center. Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and local community leaders discussed economic conditions in southern Dallas and how the Fed’s policy decisions connect with residents’ lives. They explored workforce development, financial capability, affordable housing, food insecurity, health, education and transportation.


  • St. Philip’s School and Community Center
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue · Dallas, Texas 75215


February 25, 2019
9:15 a.m.

Check-In and Networking

10:00 a.m.

Welcome and Student Creed


Terry J. Flowers, St. Philip’s School and Community Center

10:05 a.m.

Opening Remarks


Alfreda B. Norman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Robert S. Kaplan, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Richard H. Clarida, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

10:15 a.m.

Community Remarks


Kellee Murrell, St. Philip’s School and Community Center
Tahvia Merrill, Miles of Freedom
Steve Benton, Elder Financial Safety Center, The Senior Source
Chris L. Simmons, Cornerstone Baptist Church and Community Development Corporation
Sara Gorath, North Texas Food Bank
Donald E. Wesson, Baylor Scott & White Health and Wellness Center
Shaylon Scott, On the Road Lending

11:15 a.m.

Q&A and Closing Remarks


Alfreda B. Norman
Robert S. Kaplan
Richard H. Clarida

11:30 a.m.


For More Information

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