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Financial Reporting

The Federal Reserve Bank processes various financial and regulatory reports submitted by Eleventh District financial institutions. Our analysts review the reported data to ensure accuracy and contact institutions to clarify questionable data. We also provide guidance to institutions regarding reporting requirements and definitions of data items.

Data users include the Federal Open Market Committee, Banking Supervision, Board and Reserve Bank economists, and the Department of the Treasury. Unless considered confidential, the macro data is also made available to the public, economists, researchers, the media and various community or consumer groups.

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What’s New

One of the FR 2900 report changes that took place with the April 12, 2021 as-of date was the introduction of two new annual items. Annual items E.1 (2247) and E.1.a (2214) and the annual checkbox (H020) are reported for balances ending on June 30 of each year and should be reported in the July 5, 2021 report. The annual checkbox must be either “1” or “0”.

We encourage you to read the FR 2900 instructions for accurate reporting. However, we have put together an ‘FR 2900 Annual Items Cheat Sheet’ that we hope will also help you with your annual item reporting.

Additionally, going forward, please reach out to your report analyst before submitting an FR 2900 revision. We will need to know when the error started, the size of the error and the line or line items affected by this error. Once we receive this information, we will let you know if revisions are required.

As always, please reach out to your FR 2900 analyst with any questions.

On December 22, 2020, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) adopted a proposal to extend for three years, with revision, the Reports of Deposits (FR 2900; OMB No. 7100-0087). The adopted revisions reduce reporter burden by ending the collection of the FR 2910a, the FR 2900q, and ceasing collection of the FR 2900 from bankers’ banks and corporate credit unions. This will help refocus on the items collected on the weekly collection of the FR 2900 and the FR 2915 to those that support the construction and analysis of the monetary aggregates. For a detailed discussion of the adopted revisions, refer to the final Federal Register Notice for the Reports of Deposits (85 FR 83555).

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