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Classroom Resources

Everyday Economics

A series of publications and interactive whiteboard lessons designed for high school students. Each one explains a fundamental economic concept.
The Federal Reserve

Through engaging infographics and approachable text, readers are introduced to the structure of the modern Federal Reserve and its important work serving the American people as it works to support a growing and stable economy.


Introduces the critical role entrepreneurs play in the economy and highlights the accomplishments of well-known entrepreneurs. Intellectual property protection and business structures are sidebar topics.


Discusses the integration of economies through the flow of goods and services, money and people across national borders. The center spread examines exchange rates and currency markets.

International Trade

Examines the benefits of specialization and trade, using the economic principles of absolute and comparative advantage. It also discusses protectionism and worldwide efforts to open trade.


Describes the growth of money from a barter system and explains the functions and characteristics of money. Discusses inflation and traces the history of American currency.

Additional resources