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About the Dallas Fed


Serving the public

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas is part of the Federal Reserve System, the central bank of the United States. The Fed has a public mission: We serve the American people by promoting a strong financial system and a healthy economy for all.

Supporting the U.S. economy

The Dallas Fed works with other regional Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. We drive monetary policy that is attentive to the diverse needs of communities all across the nation. And we help make sure that, wherever you live, you can rely on money, banks and payments when you use them.

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Basic map of the Eleventh District

Eleventh District

Building a strong regional economy

Our work at the Dallas Fed supports the entire country, but our heart belongs to the region we call home. Our responsibility is to serve the Eleventh Federal Reserve District—Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico.

Local offices

A strong economy starts at the local level. Our offices in four Texas cities help us stay closely connected with people, banks and businesses in all the communities we serve.



El Paso



San Antonio
Our goal is for all people in our region to have opportunities to participate in the economy and thrive

What we do


Our research team monitors the economy and shares accurate, unbiased economic data and analysis.


Our outreach team partners with business and community leaders to promote inclusive economic development.


Our education team provides lesson materials and presentations on economics, managing money and the Federal Reserve.


Our cash team supplies the region’s banks with currency, and our examiners supervise banks to ensure they are treating consumers fairly and operating soundly.

Join our team

Building a strong economy requires a diverse team of people with many different skills, and we want the Dallas Fed to be a place of community and opportunity for all. We welcome you to bring your authentic self to work every day.

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Our people

Our people

People who work at the Dallas Fed, and the business and community leaders who help guide it, come from diverse backgrounds. What brings us all together is our commitment to the Fed’s public mission. We share a passion for serving the community and building a world of opportunity for everyone.



The Dallas Fed serves the American people. We are committed to integrity, accountability and transparency in everything we do. From financial statements to governance documents, you can find the details here.

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Building a strong economy involves all of us.
Our team at the Dallas Fed is here to work with you, and we offer many ways to connect.

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