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Dallas Fed Economics

Dylan Ryfe and Alessio Saretto

Because of their prominence, reciprocal deposits are important in the broader discussion of deposit insurance. Though they have the potential to increase banks’ moral hazard, they also bring increased trust and safety to the banking system.

Sewon Hur and Braden Strackman

The Chinese economy has grown at an unprecedented pace since the 1980s. However, the pace of growth is likely to slow as China’s economy matures because of its demographic structure and its increasing proximity to economic and technological frontiers.

Jesse Thompson and Ana Pranger

The impact of a still-strong Texas jobs market and moderating business activities and costs suggest that the state’s economy may be headed for a soft landing following Fed policymaker efforts to cool inflationary pressures.

Aparna Jayashankar and Anthony Murphy

As consumer prices have climbed at a faster rate in Texas and surrounding states than nationally—food and shelter increasing even more—Texans are feeling especially stressed about rising prices.

Tyler Atkinson and Alex Richter

A normalized labor market likely entails a more-usual relationship between layoffs and labor market tightness indicators, and sooner or later, a higher unemployment rate.

Garrett Golding

Texas just witnessed its second-hottest summer ever and its highest electricity demand without experiencing interruption to electricity delivery.

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