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Current conditions: Texas economic expansion slows; business outlooks weaken

In-depth analysis: Southwest Economy

What’s new: Texas Economic Performance and Outlook

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Southwest Economy

Explore in-depth features about our regional economy.

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Dallas Fed Surveys

Our surveys deliver real-world insights from business leaders in our region. Their input is a valuable part of economic analysis and monetary policymaking.

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Learn about the Texas Economy

Texas economic expansion slows; business outlooks weaken

The Texas economy’s modest expansion appears to be slowing despite having some pockets of strength.

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Texas Employment Forecast

The Texas Employment Forecast estimates job growth for the calendar year and is calculated as the 12-month change in payroll employment from December to December.

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Your Texas Economy

View this presentation on the Texas economy to learn about the latest trends. You are free to use these speech slides for your presentations.

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Texas Economic Performance and Outlook, May 2023

The Texas Economic Performance and Outlook provides a timely update on recent changes to the Texas economy based on labor market statistics, survey data and high-frequency indicators across the state’s key industries. Updated monthly.

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Texas economy

Got a minute?

Watch the top three things you need to know about the Texas economy in 60 seconds with economist Laila Assanie.

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Featured Publications

Eleventh District Beige Book

Summary of anecdotal information about recent economic conditions and trends in the Eleventh District.

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Southwest Economy Podcast

Listen in as we dive deeper into selected topics from the Southwest Economy publication in this podcast series.

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Dallas Fed Indexes

Published monthly after the state and metro employment and unemployment data become publicly available.

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Dallas Fed Events

Transitioning to the postpandemic economy in the Permian Basin

This community listening session explored how families, workers, businesses and communities are navigating the post-pandemic economy in the Permian Basin.

Odessa, Texas

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Jesus Canas
“By spreading production costs across borders and taking advantage of lower labor costs in Mexico, firms can produce at a lower average unit cost, which leads to greater competitiveness in both global and domestic markets and to lower prices for consumers.”

More About the Texas Economy

How Does Immigration Fit into the Future of the U.S. Labor Market?

U.S. GDP growth is anticipated to remain sluggish over the next decade, and slow labor force growth is a key underlying reason. This paper argues admitting more immigrants is one way U.S. policymakers can bolster growth.

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At the Heart of Texas: Cities’ Industry Clusters Drive Growth

The second edition of this special report is a comprehensive look at the industry clusters, history and demographics shaping 12 of Texas' key metropolitan areas, four of which are new to the report.

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Conferences and Working Papers


Presentations from recent research conferences, including "Emerging Trends in Real Estate Markets Post-COVID" and "Room to Grow: Housing for a New Economy".

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Working Papers

Recent research working papers on a variety of topics including the geography of jobs and the gender wage gap as well as the pandemic’s effect on the demand for inner-city living.

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