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Diversity, equity and inclusion

The Dallas Fed is committed to building a strong economy that creates opportunity for the people of our district. We embrace diversity, promote equity and advance inclusion in the work that we do.

We see in our communities that, all too often, demographics can predict life outcomes. We know many residents of Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico face entrenched barriers that can limit equitable access to quality education, medical care, business and career opportunities, banking services, credit and more.

To deliver on our mission, we are working to expand access to economic opportunity. We start by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that values a wide range of views and experiences. We know our decisions must reflect the diversity of our communities.

The Dallas Fed stands against all forms of discrimination. This stance informs all aspects of our decision-making, hiring practices and commitment to promote an equitable and inclusive economy for all.

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What we’re doing

We are committed to ensuring that people in our district have the opportunity to thrive.