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Economic data

Regional data

Employment and unemployment
  • Texas employment

    State, metro and industry data that are revised early and seasonally adjusted using a two-step method developed by Dallas Fed economists.

  • Texas unemployment

    Seasonally adjusted state and metro-level unemployment data for Texas.

Dallas Fed indexes
Dallas Fed surveys

Current and historical data collected by the Dallas Fed to assess conditions in manufacturing, services, energy, and lending across Texas and the broader Eleventh Federal Reserve District.

More regional data

U.S. data

  • Weekly Economic Index (WEI)

    Provides a signal of the state of the U.S. economy based on data available at a daily or weekly frequency. 


International data

  • Real-time historical dataset - OECD

    Comprehensive quarterly international real-time dataset assembled from hard copies of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Main Economic Indicators.


Energy data

  • Dallas Fed Energy Survey

    Quarterly survey of about 200 oil and gas firms located or headquartered in the Eleventh District.

  • Index of Global Real Economic Activity

    Business-cycle index of global real economic activity that may be viewed as a proxy for the volume of shipping in global industrial commodity markets.


Discontinued data series 

  • Mobility and Engagement Index (MEI)

    (Discontinued March 2021) Summarized the information in seven different variables based on geolocation data collected from a large sample of mobile devices to gain insight into the economic impact of the pandemic.