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Director of Research


  • Laila Assanie
    Senior Business Economist
    • regional economics, housing
  • Sung Je Byun
    Research Economist, Financial Industry Studies
    • econometrics, empirical macroeconomics and commodities.
  • Jesus Cañas
    Senior Business Economist
    • Mexican economy and maquiladora industry; regional economics
  • Anton Cheremukhin
    Senior Research Economist
    • macroeconomics, labor market, growth and development, international economics
  • Alexander Chudik
    Economic Policy Advisor and Senior Economist
    • open economy macroeconomics and econometrics
  • Roberto A. Coronado
    Vice President in Charge and Senior Economist, El Paso Branch
    • Mexican economy, the maquiladora industry, and the U.S.–Mexico border economy
  • Scott Davis
    Senior Research Economist
    • open economy macroeconomics
  • Wenhua Di
    Senior Research Economist
    • consumer finance, program evaluation and housing
  • Jim Dolmas
    Senior Research Economist and Advisor
    • macroeconomics, political economy, asset pricing, inflation measurement
  • John V. Duca
    Vice President and Associate Director of Research
    • macroeconomics, monetary economics, banking, housing and labor economics
  • Everett Grant
    Research Economist
    • international economics, macroeconomics, economic crises, finance, computational economics
  • Soojin Jo
    Senior Research Economist
    • macroeconomics, applied econometrics, energy economics
  • Amy Jordan
    Assistant Economist
    • regional economics, energy
  • Pavel Kapinos
    Research Economist, Financial Industry Studies
    • banking, monetary economics and empirical macroeconomics.
  • Emily Kerr
    Senior Business Economist
    • regional economics, agriculture
  • Christoffer Koch
    Senior Research Economist
    • macroeconomics, money and banking
  • Janet Koech
    Assistant Economist
    • international economics
  • Evan F. Koenig
    Senior Vice President and Principal Policy Advisor
    • macroeconomics, monetary policy and forecasting
  • Anil Kumar
    Economic Policy Advisor and Senior Economist
    • public economics, labor economics, applied econometrics
  • Enrique Martínez-García
    Senior Research Economist and Advisor
    • international macroeconomics (open-economy macroeconomics) and finance, macroeconomics and monetary economics, applied econometrics
  • Anthony Murphy
    Senior Research Economist and Policy Advisor
    • housing markets, consumption, labor economics, finance, econometrics
  • Pia M. Orrenius
    Vice President and Senior Economist
    • labor and demographic economics; regional economics
  • Keith R. Phillips
    Assistant Vice President and Senior Economist, San Antonio Branch
    • regional economics, business-cycle analysis, forecasting
  • Michael D. Plante
    Senior Research Economist
    • macroeconomics, monetary policy, energy economics
  • Alexander W. Richter
    Senior Economist
    • monetary policy, fiscal policy, computational economics, macroeconometrics
  • Jason L. Saving
    Senior Research Economist and Advisor
    • public finance, regional economics, political economy
  • Thomas F. Siems
    Assistant Vice President and Senior Economist, Communications and Outreach Department
  • Ed Skelton
    Macrosurveillance Officer, Financial Industry Studies Department
  • Michael J. Sposi
    Senior Research Economist
    • international trade,macroeconomics and economic development
  • Martin Stuermer
    Research Economist
    • macroeconomics, energy and resource economics, commodities, growth
  • Jesse B. Thompson III
    Business Economist, Houston Branch
    • regional economics, energy, health, education
  • Antonella Tutino
    Senior Research Economist
    • applied and theoretical macroeconomics, and applied and theoretical econometrics,
  • Mark A. Wynne
    Vice President, Associate Director of Research and Director of the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute
    • international macroeconomics
  • Julieta Yung
    Research Economist
    • financial economics, international economics and macroeconomics
  • Carlos E. Zarazaga
    Senior Research Economist and Advisor
    • institutions, structure of information, policy choices

Research Consultant

  • Nathan S. Balke