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Lorie Logan's public speaking events

Nov. 10 ECB Conference on Money Markets 2023
Speech: Ample reserves and the Friedman rule
Frankfurt, Germany
Nov. 7 Energy and the Economy: Reshuffling the Energy Deck
Text: No
Oklahoma City
Oct. 19 Money Marketeers
Text: No
New York
Oct. 12 Digital Inclusion Research Forum
Text: No
Oct. 9 65th National Association for Business Economics (NABE) Annual Meeting
Speech: Financial conditions and the monetary policy outlook
Sept. 7 Dallas Business Club
Speech: Restoring price stability requires careful calibration
Sept. 6 Lubbock-area community listening session
Text: No
Lubbock, Texas
July 6 Central Bank Research Association Annual Meeting
Speech: Opening remarks at the Panel on Policy Challenges for Central Banks, 2023 annual meeting of the Central Bank Research Association
New York
May 23 Technology-Enabled Disruption Conference: Uncertainty and Prospects for Disruptive Investments
Speech: Welcoming Remarks at Day 2 of the Technology-Enabled Disruption Conference
Richmond, Virginia
May 18 Texas Bankers Association 138th Annual Convention
Speech: Remarks on liquidity provision and on the economic outlook and monetary policy
San Antonio
May 16 FMC 2023 Old Challenges in New Clothes: Outfitting Finance, Technology, and Regulation for the Mid-2020s
Text: No
Amelia Island, Florida
April 20 Fed Listens: Transitioning to the postpandemic economy in the Permian Basin
Speech: Welcoming remarks at "Fed Listens: Transitioning to the postpandemic economy in the Permian Basin"
Odessa, Texas
March 3 Workshop on Market Dysfunction
Speech: Preventing and responding to dysfunction in core markets
Feb. 14 Prairie View A&M University
Speech: Restoring price stability
Prairie View, Texas
Jan. 18 University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
Speech: The U.S. economic outlook and monetary policy