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Dallas Fed Surveys

Become a Survey Panelist

The Dallas Fed conducts recurring surveys of over 1,000 business executives in manufacturing, services, energy, and banking across Texas and the broader Eleventh Federal Reserve District. The information collected is a valuable component of regional economic analysis and monetary policy-making.

A short, multiple-choice survey—requiring less than 10 minutes to complete—is transmitted to panelists via a secure email link on a recurring basis (usually monthly or quarterly). Panelists’ names, company affiliations and individual responses are kept strictly confidential.

The Texas Business Outlook Surveys gauge regional business activity in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors. Frequency: monthly

Our region is the most important oil and gas producer in the nation. Be part of a process that gauges energy activity and informs monetary policy-making. Frequency: quarterly

  • Who should join: Owners and executives at oil and gas extraction or support services firms located or headquartered in Texas, northern Louisiana or southern New Mexico.
  • Sample forms: E&P | O&G support services
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The Banking Conditions Survey provides a timely assessment of activity at banks and credit unions headquartered in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District. Frequency: About every 6 weeks

  • Who should join: CEOs or senior loan officers of financial institutions in Texas, northern Louisiana or southern New Mexico.
  • Sample form
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does being a survey panelist benefit me?

As we track economic activity through our surveys, let your voice be heard! Survey responses are used by the Dallas Fed to help guide monetary policy decisions. As an added benefit for your involvement, you are invited to an annual panelist-exclusive appreciation event featuring a Q&A with the Dallas Fed President. Also, you’ll receive an exclusive year-in-review analysis of the Texas and U.S. economy from Dallas Fed economists each January, including a forecast for the year ahead.

What do you do with my responses?

For each question, we calculate an index by taking the share of panelists who said “increase” and subtracting the share who said “decrease.” We track these indexes over time, providing us with invaluable measures of business conditions that are available much sooner than other data and include detail not available elsewhere.

How do I fill out the survey form?

You must enroll to be a survey panelist using the respective link above. Once enrolled, you will receive a secure link to the electronic survey form via email each period. This secure link allows us to protect the integrity of our survey results. The survey is multiple choice and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Is it a one-time commitment?

No, it is a recurring survey that you respond to each month/quarter. Consistent panelists provide the most value to our results. You may drop out of the survey at any time by simply sending us notice.

Do you still want me to participate if my company is very small or is unique for some other reason?

Yes. All companies play a role in the regional economy, and we want to make sure your company’s activity is represented in the results.

Can I designate someone else in my company to fill out the survey?

Yes. When you enroll, simply provide the name and contact information for the person who will be responsible for filling out the survey.

Some of your questions don’t apply to me. What do I do?

You may leave blank any questions that are not pertinent to your business.

Are my responses confidential?

Yes. Panelists’ names, company affiliations, and individual responses will never be disclosed. For data security, responses come directly to the Dallas Fed; we do not use a third-party provider to administer the survey. Survey comments may be anonymously published with your consent. This is another great way for your voice to be heard.