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Dallas Fed Joins Paul Quinn College for Dialogue on Community Issues

For Immediate Release: Mar. 1, 2017

DALLAS—The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas teamed with Paul Quinn College on March 1 to host a Dialogue with the Dallas Fed event at the college’s southern Dallas campus.

More than 200 business leaders, small-business owners, bankers and students attended the daylong event to share information and discuss community concerns.

Topics of discussion included workforce development, small business conditions and issues related to the Community Reinvestment Act. During a community luncheon, Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan joined Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell in answering questions from attendees on a wide range of topics. Kaplan also fielded questions from Paul Quinn students and faculty. 

“Educational attainment is highly correlated with employment rates and income levels,” Kaplan said during the day’s events. “Policies that involve greater emphasis on improving educational attainment and workforce skills are needed to help ensure that an increasing percentage of the population can become productive members of the workforce. Engaging business and community leaders to address these issues is critical to our economic vitality, resilience and competitiveness.”

The Dallas Fed hosts Dialogue events several times a year. These events provide an opportunity for community leaders to engage in discussions about regional, economic and financial issues, while learning about the nation’s central bank. Each program focuses on economic and financial issues specific to the region in which it takes place.

Events such as these also contribute to the Dallas Fed’s commitment to being a leading citizen in the communities it serves. This includes building relationships with people and organizations, serving as a trusted source of information about the economy, and acting as a collaborative partner in addressing economic challenges and opportunities.


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