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Community Development

Healthy Communities: The intersection of community development and health

Healthy Communities is the space in which the community development, economic development, public health and health care industries collaborate to reduce persistent health inequalities and create healthier communities for all.

The individuals the community development field reaches are the same individuals who face major health disparities. While access to health care is one component that explains these disparities, the social determinants of health—where people work, live, learn and play—can play a strong role as well. The more opportunities individuals have to make healthy choices, the more likely they can live longer and healthier lives. These social determinants of health are the nexus of the community development and health sector’s joint interests. It is in this space that collaboration is imperative. And the health of our country and economy depend on it: in general, wealthier people are healthier and healthier people are more economically productive.


Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

CRA and compliance officers at financial institutions are responsible for making complex decisions about how to invest in community development to meet their CRA obligations. This publication provides a roadmap of best practices in community development and a healthy communities framework that highlights the types of investments that are valuable both to financial institutions and their target communities. It also includes reference guides for ensuring planned CRA activities meet regulatory requirements and a template for how financial institutions can tell their CRA story.