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Dallas Fed economists summarize biotech conference

For immediate release: November 7, 2002

DALLAS—To be a major player in biotech, Texas needs to continue to develop its research base and to seek out increased venture capital to commercialize innovations from the state's research institutions.

These and other implications for the burgeoning biotechnology industry were explored at a conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in April and are the topic of the latest issue of Economic and Financial Policy Review, the Dallas Fed's online economic research publication.

In the article, economists John V. Duca and Mine K. Yücel highlight the main points and summarize the presentations made during the Dallas Fed conference Science & Cents: Exploring the Economics of Biotechnology. Topics covered include funding, location and legal issues confronting the biotech industry. The interdisciplinary nature of biotech research, along with recent advances and future applications, is also discussed.

The conference featured nationally known speakers from the biotech, economics and venture capital arenas and offered an opportunity for participants to discover how biotech issues will affect our future economy.


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