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For immediate release: April 1, 2003

DALLAS—The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas branch boards of directors have elected chairmen and chairmen pro tem for a one-year term.

El Paso  
Chairman Gail Darling
Gail Darling, Inc.
El Paso, Texas
Chairman Pro Tem Ron C. Helm
Helm Cattle Co.
Van Horn, Texas
Chairman Lupe Fraga
President and CEO
Tejas Office Products, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Chairman Pro Tem Anthony R. Chase
President and CEO
ChaseCom, L.P.
Houston, Texas
San Antonio  
Chairman Ron R. Harris
President and CEO
Pervasive Software, Inc.
Austin, Texas
Chairman Pro Tem Marvin L. Ragsdale
Iron Workers District Council of the State of Texas
Georgetown, Texas

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