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Dallas Fed appoints economist Enrique Martínez García to lead International research group

DALLAS—The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has appointed Enrique Martínez García to lead the Bank’s research on international economic issues.

The appointment follows Martínez García’s recent executive promotion to economic policy advisor.

In this new role, Martínez García will manage the contributions of the Dallas Fed’s international research group to economic briefings and publications and help team members develop research agendas and portfolios that contribute to the Bank’s strategic priority to grow research thought leadership.

Martínez García joined the Bank in 2007 after receiving his PhD in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has published widely in the areas of international macroeconomics and finance on such topics as the impact of globalization on monetary policy, the global slack hypothesis, and the influence of international factors on inflation, interest rate dynamics and asset prices.

He was instrumental in the development and publication of the Database on Global Economic Indicators and the International House Price Database at the Dallas Fed and continues to serve as co-director of the International Housing Observatory global research partnership. His work on international house prices was recognized with the 2023 Central Banking Award in Economics.

The Dallas Fed is one of 12 Federal Reserve Banks and serves the Eleventh Federal Reserve District, which includes Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico. Established by Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve System serves as the nation’s central bank to provide a safe and stable monetary and financial system.

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