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Community Development Publications

Banking and Community Perspectives

Banking and Community Perspectives was published 1995–2012. All issues are available online on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's digital library of U.S. economic, financial and banking history.

Issue 3, 2012
Complete issue 

  • Texas Sees Postrecession Turnaround in Rental Housing Market
  • Houston Taking Holistic Approach to Affordable-Housing Development
  • Oil Boom’s Benefits and Burdens: Worker Influx Stresses Supply of Affordable Housing
  • Rural Texas Studies Identify Housing Needs, Challenges and Strategies
  • Affordable Housing Coming to Dallas Via Transit-Oriented Development
  • Notes from the Field: Interview with Texas Development Finance Manager

Issue 2, 2012
Complete issue 

  • Pathways to Financial Advancement

Issue 1, 2012
Complete issue

  • Asset Building Strategies in Community Colleges

Issue 1, 2011
Complete issue 

  • Asset Building Taking Root in Rural Communities
  • Q&A: The Aspen Institute's John Molinaro Says Wealth Building Can Have a Big Impact on Small Communities

Issue 3, 2010
Complete issue 

  • Consumer Decisionmaking: Insights from Behavioral Economics

Issue 2, 2010
Complete issue 

  • Building Healthier Communities from the Ground Up
  • Community Health Centers: Successes and Challenges

Issue 1, 2010
Complete issue 

  • Entrepreneurship in the Changing Economy: From Survival to Sustainability

Issue 3, 2009
Complete issue 

  • Financial Access Options for the Underserved

Issue 2, 2009
Complete issue 

  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits in Texas: Achievements and Challenges

Issue 1, 2009
Complete issue 

  • The CRA and Subprime Lending: Discerning the Difference

Issue 2, 2008
Complete issue 

  • RAISE Texas: Moving Texans Toward Financial Success
  • A National Perspective on Asset Building

Issue 1, 2008
Complete issue 

  • Banks Building Markets by Building Communities

Issue 3, 2007
Complete issue 

  • Homeownership and Affordable Lending
    A Case Study

Issue 2, 2007
Complete issue 

  • Preserving Homeownership
    Addressing Foreclosure
  • Quantifying the Foreclosure Issue
  • Texas Foreclosure Timeline

Issue 1, 2007
Complete issue 

  • Retooling Affordable Housing Strategies:
    Case Studies of Local Finance Options

Issue 3, 2006
Complete issue 

  • Asset Building and the Wealth Gap

Issue 2, 2006
Complete issue 

  • Concentrated Poverty in the Eleventh District
  • Q&A with Paul A. Jargowsky

Issue 1, 2006
Complete issue 

  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Assessing the Aftermath
  • Poverty and Disasters

Issue 2, 2005
Microenterprise: Growing Businesses, Assets and Markets

Complete issue 

  • Microenterprise: Growing Businesses, Assets and Markets
  • WESST Corp.: A Case Study
  • Microenterprise Development in the U.S. and the Eleventh District

Issue 1, 2005
Community Development Finance: Challenges, Choices, Change

Complete issue 

  • Community Development Finance: Challenges, Choices, Change
  • Questions of Scale
  • Q&A with the Heron Foundation's Kate Starr

Issue 1, 2004
Meeting in the Mainstream

Complete issue 

  • Financial Services and the Mexican Immigrant
    Q&A with Ann Baddour and Rebecca Lightsey
  • Finding a Place in the Mainstream: One Immigrant's Story
  • The Texas Challenge in the 21st Century
  • Tu Banco Opens the Mainstream to New Customers

Issue 1, 2003
The SBA: 50 Years of Small Business Financing

Complete issue 

  • The SBA at 50: Q&A with Hector V. Barreto
  • SBA Serves Up Backing for Restaurant Owner
  • Eleventh District Small Business Financing Guide
  • SBA Offices Serving the Eleventh Federal Reserve District

Special Issue 2003
Complete issue 

  • Microcredit Means Macro Opportunity
  • Microloans and Moral Support
    The PLAN Fund at Work

Issue 1, 2002
Complete issue 

  • Woodhill: A Bond-able Development
  • The Changing Face of Public Housing
  • Bank-Qualified Tax-Exempt Obligations
    Travis County Housing Authority

Issue 2, 2002
Community Development Finance: Challenges, Choices, Change

Complete issue 

  • Houston's Fourth Ward
    Old Neighborhood, New Life

Issue 2, 2001
Complete issue 

  • Faith and Housing
    Delivering the Dream of Home Ownership
  • Not In My Backyard
    The NIMBY Phenomenon and Affordable Housing
  • Redefining Affordable Housing
  • A Woman's Place Is in Her Own Home

Issue 1, 2001
Complete issue 

  • Creating Critical Mass
    Fostering a High-Tech Economy in New Mexico
  • The Austin Technology Incubator
  • Banking Outside the Box
    Meeting the Needs of the Unbanked

First Quarter 2000
Complete issue 

  • A Pallet-able Deal
    Redevelopment of an Inner-City Brownfield
  • A New Equity Partner
  • Are All Boats Rising on Economic Tide?

Second Quarter 2000
Complete issue 

  • Housing Partnership Blooms in East Texas
  • Banking on Entrepreneurs
  • Making Affordable Housing More Affordable
  • Reviewing Economic Development Needs

Third Quarter 2000
Complete issue 

  • Tapping an Untapped Market
  • A Circle of Ten
  • Where Are They Now?
    Community Development at a Crossroads
  • Fannie Mae Sets New Guidelines to Combat Predatory Lending

Fourth Quarter 2000
Complete issue 

  • Building Personal Wealth
    A Conversation with Bob McTeer
  • Lyons Village
    Mixed Use Revitalizes Historic Houston Neighborhood
  • Oak Cliff Gateway TIF District

Special Supplement 2000
Complete issue 

  • 1998 Eleventh District HMDA Profile

First Quarter 1999
Complete issue 

  • Shell Community Banking Initiative
    A "Private-Private" Partnership
  • CRA-Qualified Investments
    Two New Instruments
  • TIB—The Independent BankersBank Forms Small Business Investment Company
  • Bank Consolidation and Community Development Lending

Second Quarter 1999
Complete issue 

  • A Deposit Makes Change
    Partnership Yields New Home Improvement Loans
  • Marketing Affordable Housing
    Builders Use Cost-Saving Strategies
  • One-Stop Home Shop
  • The New Metropolitan Agenda
    A commentary by Bruce Katz, senior fellow and director of Brookings Institution's Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy

Third Quarter 1999
Complete issue 

  • Lasting Impact
    Building Families and Neighborhoods
  • The Two Anthonys
    Living Side by Side
  • Green Equity Housing
    Building for a Future
  • Improving Rural Housing
    A Conversation with Moises Loza, Executive Director, Housing Assistance Council

Fourth Quarter 1999
Complete issue 

  • Fannie Mae and the CRA
    Franklin D. Raines, Chairman and CEO, Fannie Mae
  • Chili, Steaks and Venture Capital
    Helping Businesses Find Financial Resources
  • Tax-Credit Opportunities
  • Rural Empowerment Zones
    Providing Sustainable Community Development

Special Supplement 1999
Complete issue 

  • 1997 Eleventh District HMDA Profile

First Quarter 1998
Complete issue 

  • Interview with Laurence H. Meyer
    Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
  • There's No Place Like Home
    Title I Home Improvement Loan Program (Fort Worth)
  • Mastering the Plan
    Affordable Homes, Inc. Develops a New Community (McAllen)
  • Capital from the Capitol
    New Funding Source for Texas' Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations (Austin)

Second Quarter 1998
Complete issue 

  • Affordable Parade of Homes
    Marketing a Dream (San Antonio)
  • The Economics of Home Ownership
    Emerging Markets of the Next Millennium
  • Texas Southern University Prepares Community Development Professionals (Houston)
  • Individual Development Accounts Spur Savings
    Asset-Building Opportunities for Low-Income Families (Austin)

Third Quarter 1998
Complete issue 

  • A Big STEP for Miles
    Bank Loan Helps Town Obtain New Water Supply (Miles, Texas)
  • The Business Case for Pursuing Retail Opportunities in the Inner City
    The Boston Consulting Group in Partnership with the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City
  • Rural Community Hatches New Businesses
    Incubator Nurtures Fledgling Enterprises (Marshall, Texas)
  • Filling in the Blanks
    One House at a TimeAn Infill Housing Builder (Dallas)

Fourth Quarter 1998
Complete issue 

  • Taste of Success
    Entrepreneur Bites into Independence with Schlotzsky's Deli Financed by a Bank, a Multibank CDC and an SBA Loan Guarantee
  • Down to the Wire: Electronic Funds Transfer '99
  • Banking on Habitat
  • Guide to Portfolio Risk-Management Design for CDFIs

First Quarter 1997
Complete issue 

  • Rethinking Campus Housing
    A New Development Approach at Prairie View A&M
  • Seven Principles for Reducing Delinquencies
  • CRA Reform
    The First Year

Second Quarter 1997
Complete issue 

  • The Power to Move
    Public/Private Partnership Allows Auto Shop Owner to Expand (San Antonio)
  • The Numbers Show Improvement in Lending
    Lawrence B. Lindsey, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board
  • A Different Kind of Club
    A Homebuyer's Club in Austin and San Antonio

Third Quarter 1997
Complete issue 

  • An Interview with Andrew Cuomo
    Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • A Touch (Up) of Class
    Teamwork Restores Amarillo Apartment Complex
  • Flying to New Heights
    San Antonio Addresses the Economic Development Challenge of a Base Closing

Fourth Quarter 1997
Complete issue 

  • Sowing, Leveraging and Reaping
    Small Business Loan Part of Bank Enterprise Award Application (San Antonio)
  • Mortgages with Authority
    Partnership Provides Affordable Home (Clovis, New Mexico)
  • Developing a Strategic Plan Under the Community Reinvestment Act
  • CDFIs and the Future of Microlending
    George P. SurgeonCFO and Executive Vice President of Shorebank Corp.

January 1996
Complete issue 

  • Constructive Collaboration
    Developing an Affordable Housing Subdivision (Independence Park in Dallas)
  • First Loan
    Innovative Credit Counseling Program Paves Way for First Loans (Seguin, Texas)
  • Building on Common Ground
    The National Association of Home Builders' Task Force on Unmet Housing Needs Report
  • Affordable Housing Lending
    The Roles of Credit Counseling and Credit Scoring

April 1996
Complete issue 

  • NationsBank Neighborhood Program
    An Interview with Hugh L. McColl, Chairman and CEO, NationsBank Corp.
  • Mission Accomplished
    East Austin Church Develops Office Building and Child Care Center
  • The Power to Make a Difference
    Utility Company Fuels Economic Development (Buda, Texas)
  • National Nonprofit Intermediaries
    Local Initiatives Support Corp., Enterprise Foundation, National Rural Development and Finance Corp., and Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp.

July 1996
Complete issue 

  • Magnolia Business Blooms
    Cooperative Effort Leads to Commercial Revitalization (Houston)
  • Second Harvest
    USDA Program Provides Matching Funds for Recycled Agricultural Products (Waco)
  • Small Business Welcome
    Six Texas Banks Score High in SBA Study
  • Reinventing the SBA
    Philip Lader, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration

October 1996
Complete issue 

  • The One That Didn't Get Away
    Catfish Processing Plant in Hughes Springs, Texas
  • Helping Turn a Vision into Reality
  • A Small Bank with Big Ideas
    First Texas Bank Helps Finance Minority-Owned Businesses (Dallas)
  • Community Development Through Service

June 1995
Complete issue 

  • Good Fortune
    Multibank CDC and MESBIC Finance Business
  • Lettuce and Loans
    Banks Reach Out to Communities Through Supermarket-Based Branches
  • The Big Business of Small Loans
    Micro-Enterprise Loan Programs Provide Innovative Lending Solution
  • Forming a Community Development Corporation

July 1995, Special Issue
Complete issue 

  • Positive Partnerships
    Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's Speech on Successful Community and Economic Development Partnerships

September 1995
Complete issue 

  • Building a Community from the Ground Up
    Innovative Development Provides Opportunity for Low-Income Families to Own Homes
  • Common Cents
    Half-Cent Sales Tax Helps Individuals, Communities Invest in the Future
  • Focus on Downtown Revitalization
    Local Businesswomen Promote Development of Downtown Cameron, Texas
  • CRA and the Small Bank
    Revised Regulation Reduces Burden For Small Banks