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Dallas Fed Historicall Publications

Energy Update

Energy Update was published 2007–17.Issues are available on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's digital library of U.S. economic, financial and banking history.


OPEC Extends Cuts, Opening Door for U.S. to Gain Further Market Share
Fourth Quarter 2017

2018 Outlook Unchanged Despite Harvey Impacts
Third Quarter 2017

World Still Knee-Deep in Crude Oil Despite Cuts
Second Quarter 2017

OPEC and U.S. Production Shape Oil Market Dynamics
First Quarter 2017


OPEC Reloaded: More Appearance than Substance?
Fourth Quarter 2016

Signs of Recovery Emerge in the U.S. Oil Market
Third Quarter 2016

Oil Roller Coaster: Prices Rise on Production Outages, Fall with Brexit
Second Quarter 2016

Hopes and Fears About Oversupply Whipsaw Oil Prices
First Quarter 2016


OPEC Tips Crude Oil Markets over the Cliff
Fourth Quarter 2015

Oil Prices Sink in Third Quarter
Third Quarter 2015

Oil Markets Stabilizing, but OPEC Supply Raises Concerns
Second Quarter 2015

Oil Prices Retreat Following a Brief Uptick
First Quarter 2015


Prolonged Cold Weather in U.S. Causes Price Swings
First Quarter 2014

International and Domestic Crude Price Differential Narrows
Second Quarter 2014

Oil Prices Fall Despite Global Uncertainty
Third Quarter 2014

Oil Prices Plummet amid Growing Supply—Demand Imbalances
Fourth Quarter 2014


Energy Prices Rise in Response to Seasonal and Global Economic Factors
First Quarter 2013

Gap Between Domestic and International Crude Prices Shrinks
Second Quarter 2013

Geopolitical Uncertainty and Supply Disruptions Push Oil Prices Higher
Third Quarter 2013

Surging U.S. Oil Production Puts Downward Pressure on Domestic Crude Prices
Fourth Quarter 2013


Oil Prices Creep Higher
First Quarter 2012

Prices Decline as Sentiment About Economy Weakens
Second Quarter 2012

Prices Gain Strength
Third Quarter 2012

2012 in Review
Fourth Quarter 2012


Middle East Unrest Drives Prices Higher
First Quarter 2011

Oil Prices Retreat as Economic Growth Slows
Second Quarter 2011

Oil Prices Fall as Global Growth Slows
Third Quarter 2011

2011 in Review
Fourth Quarter 2011


Oil Prices Rise as Natural Gas Retreats
First Quarter 2010

Global Energy Demand Healthy
Second Quarter 2010

Elevated Inventories Keep Prices in Check
Third Quarter 2010

2010 in Review
Fourth Quarter 2010


Energy Prices Decline Across the Board
First Quarter 2009

Petroleum Prices Rebound as Natural Gas Continues to Slide
Second Quarter 2009

Energy Prices Recover
Third Quarter 2009

2009 in Review
Fourth Quarter 2009


Oil Prices Rise to Near-Record Levels, Then Fall
First Quarter 2008

No Let Up in Energy Prices
Second Quarter 2008

Signs of a Reprieve
Third Quarter 2008


Volatile Oil and Natural Gas Prices
First Quarter 2007

Energy Prices Rising as Markets Tighten Further
Second Quarter 2007

Oil Prices Reach and Retreat from New Highs; Gasoline Prices Fall
Third Quarter 2007

Soaring Oil Prices Dominate Energy Markets
Fourth Quarter 2007