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Financial Industry Studies

Financial Industry Studies was published 1988–98. Issues are available on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's digital library of U.S. economic, financial and banking history..

December 1998

  • Concentration, Technology, and Market Power in Banking: Is Distance Dead?
    Robert R. Moore
  • Benchmarking the Productive Efficiency of U.S. Banks
    Thomas F. Siems and
    Richard S. Barr

September 1998

  • How Might Financial Institutions React to Glass-Steagall Repeal?
    Evidence from the Stock Market
    David P. Ely and
    Kenneth J. Robinson
  • Managing Cross-Border Settlement Risk: The Case of Mexican ADRs
    Sujit “Bob” Chakravorti

December 1997

  • Rethinking Bank Efficiency and Regulation: How Off-Balance-Sheet Activities Make a Difference
    Thomas F. Siems and
    Jeffrey A. Clark
  • Government Guarantees and Banking: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis
    Robert R. Moore

August 1997

  • Are Capital Requirements Effective? A Cautionary Tale from Pre-Depression Texas
    Jeffery W. Gunther,
    Linda M. Hooks and
    Kenneth J. Robinson
  • Mexican Payments System Reforms
    Sujit "Bob" Chakravorti

December 1996

  • Bank Consolidation: When Less Means More
    Jeffery W. Gunther
  • Banking's Merger Fervor: Survival of the Fittest?
    Robert R. Moore

August 1996

  • Bank Mergers and Shareholder Wealth: Evidence from 1995's Megamerger Deals
    Thomas F. Siems
  • Does Greater Mortgage Activity Lead to Greater Interest Rate Risk? Evidence from Bank Holding Companies
    Kenneth J. Robinson and
    Kelly Klemme

July 1995

  • Who's Capitalizing on Derivatives?
    Jeffery W. Gunther and
    Thomas F. Siems
  • Interesting Times for Banks Since Basle
    Kenneth J. Robinson