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Houston Business

Houston Business was published until 2012. Issues are available on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's digital library of U.S. economic, financial and banking history.

March 2012

  • Energy Leads the Way as Houston Surges into 2012
    Robert W. Gilmer and Jesse B. Thompson III

January 2008

  • Neither Boom nor Bust: How Houston’s Housing Market Differs from Nation’s
    Amber C. McCullagh and Robert W. Gilmer

December 2006

  • Income Growth Shows Houston's Economic Strength and Maturity
    Robert W. Gilmer and Charles L. James

September 2006

  • Houston Economy Eases Off the Throttle
    Robert W. Gilmer

June 2006

  • In the Eye of the Storm: Gasoline Markets After the Hurricanes
    Adriana Fernandez, Robert W. Gilmer and Jonathan Story

March 2006

  • Oil Exploration Booms: ”Is Houston Next?
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 2005

  • Concentration of Energy Production and Processing on the Gulf Coast
    Robert W. Gilmer, Carrie Ann Fossum and Iram Siddik

October 2005

  • Houston After the Hurricanes
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 2005

  • Houston’s Growth on Track in 2005
    Robert W. Gilmer

July 2005

  • Personal Income in the Texas Recession
    Robert W. Gilmer and Briana Wilsey

June 2005

  • Texas Drilling Directed Toward Unconventional Natural Gas
    Robert W. Gilmer, Carrie Anne Fossum and Iram Siddik

April 2005

  • Upstream Petroleum Employment in the Current Drilling Cycle
    Robert W. Gilmer and Jonathan L. Story

March 2005

  • Trade, Manufacturing Put Mexico Back on Track in 2004
    Jesus Cañas, Roberto Coronado and Robert W. Gilmer

January 2005

  • The New Metropolitan Area: Welcome to Houston–Baytown–Sugar Land
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 2004

  • What’s Wrong with Houston’s Job Market?
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 2004

  • Slow Recovery for Houston: Better Late Than Never
    Timothy K. Hopper

July 2004

  • Texas Shrimpers Face Sea of Regulations, Flood of Imports
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

June 2004

  • Strong Growth, Fear Driving Energy Markets
    Robert W. Gilmer>

April 2004

  • The Texas Triangle as Megalopolis
    Robert W. Gilmer

March 2004

  • Houston’s Job Growth Will Strengthen in 2004
    Timothy K. Hopper

January 2004

  • The Simple Economics of the Texas Triangle
    Robert W. Gilmer

November 2003

  • Economic Progress in the Texas Economy 1969–2001
    Robert W. Gilmer

October 2003

  • Tide Turns Texas Toward Recovery
    Timothy K. Hopper and Keith Phillips

September 2003

  • Is There Life After Oil in Midland and Odessa?
    Robert W. Gilmer, Timothy K. Hopper and Scott Schwaitzberg

July 2003

  • Houston’s Midyear Outlook: Positive Growth Ahead
    Tim Hopper and Robert W. Gilmer

June 2003

  • 1982–90: When Times Were Bad in Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer and Iram Siddik

April 2003

  • A New Index of Coincident Economic Activity for Houston
    Jesús Cañas, Robert W. Gilmer and Keith Phillips

March 2003

  • Goodbye SIC, Hello NAICS: A Fresh Slate for Houston Jobs Data
    Robert W. Gilmer and Jonathan Story

January 2003

  • The Houston Business Cycle Since the Oil Bust
    Robert W. Gilmer and Iram Siddik

November 2002

  • Houston in 1900
    Part 3. The Galveston-Houston Rivalry

    Robert W. Gilmer

October 2002

  • Houston's Near-Term Outlook: Slow Growth, Downward Risk
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 2002

  • Poor Job Growth Impairs Texas Recovery
    Robert W. Gilmer

July 2002

  • Houston in 1900: Part 2. Houston and the Texas Oil Industry
    Robert W. Gilmer

June 2002

  • Houston in 1900: Part 1. The Rise of the Regional City
    Robert W. Gilmer and Camella Clements

April 2002

  • Gulf Coast Expansion Waits for Upstream, Downstream Energy
    Robert W. Gilmer and Bret Liberatore

March 2002

  • Mexico Imports U.S. Recession but Shows Financial Strength
    Robert W. Gilmer

January 2002

  • Slow Job Growth in Houston in 2002
    Robert W. Gilmer

November 2001

  • Petrochemical Outlook Still Bleak for 2002
    Mark Eramo, Robert W. Gilmer and Arved Teleki

October 2001

  • Economic Impact of the Texas Medical Center on Southeast Texas
    Robert W. Gilmer, Robert F. Hodgin and Mary Schiflett

September 2001

  • National Slowdown Hits Texas
    Robert W. Gilmer

August 2001

  • Houston 2001: A Half-Empty Glass?
    Robert W. Gilmer

June 2001

  • Transfer Payments and Personal Income in Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 2001

  • Where Are the Oil Jobs?
    Robert W. Gilmer and Albert Mitchell

March 2001

  • Cash Use Grows in Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer and Albert Mitchell

January 2001

  • Petrochemicals and Natural Gas Prices: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Concern
    Mark A. Eramo, Robert W. Gilmer and Arved Teleki
December 2000

  • High Oil Prices Boost Houston's Job Growth, Improve Local Outlook
    Robert W. Gilmer

November 2000

  • Texas Rides Oil and Technology to New Highs
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 2000

  • Diversification of Houston's Economic Base
    Robert W. Gilmer and Thomas Wang

August 2000

  • Urban Oil Consolidation: An Update
    Robert W. Gilmer and David G. Kang

June 2000

  • The Wheel Turns Again: Lessons from the Latest Oil Cycle
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 2000

  • International Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer

March 2000

  • Economic Insight from Gulf Coast Neighbors
    Robert W. Gilmer

January 2000

  • Oil and the Houston Economy Today
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 1999

  • Texas Employment on the Uptick
    Robert W. Gilmer

November 1999

  • World Economy Picks Up Steam
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

September 1999

  • Insights from Several Corners of the Houston Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer

August 1999

  • The Federal Reserve Online
    Aaron Buchanan, Ryan Reed and Mary Elizabeth Winfrey

June 1999

  • Higher Oil Prices and Houston's Economic Outlook
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 1999

  • Petrochemical Privatization Stalls in Mexico
    Robert W. Gilmer

March 1999

  • Weak Commodity Prices Take Toll on Gulf Coast Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer

January 1999

  • Slower Growth in Houston in 1999
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 1998

  • Purchasing Managers Provide New Insight into Houston Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer and Douglas R. Miller

November 1998

  • Economic Slowdown Affects U.S. and Texas Economies
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 1998

  • Oil-Related Employment: Long-Term Adjustment in Nine Cities
    Robert W. Gilmer

August 1998

  • Oil-Related Employment: Short-Term Adjustment in Nine Cities
    Robert W. Gilmer

June 1998

  • Is There a Slowdown in Houston's Future?
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 1998

  • Houston and the Global Market for Engineering and Construction
    Robert W. Gilmer

March 1998

  • Asian Flu and Oil Glut Weaken Outlook for Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer

January 1998

  • Houston's 1997 Growth Matches Strong National Pattern
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 1997

  • Technology and Productivity in the Oil Field
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

November 1997

  • Oil Field Costs Rising Fast
    Robert W. Gilmer

September 1997

  • The Dollar Exchange Rate and the Houston Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer and Robin S. Chhabra

August 1997

  • Houston Economy Heats Up
    Robert W. Gilmer

June 1997

  • Door to Mexican Energy Opens Slowly
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 1997

  • Seasonal Adjustment of Houston Employment Data
    Robert W. Gilmer and Daniel Eric Arzola

March 1997

  • Foreign Banks Bring Global Links to Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

February 1997

  • The Federal Reserve in Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer and Jennifer B. Tellepsen

December 1996

  • Fort Bend County: Life in the Urban Fast Lane
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

November 1996

  • Welfare to Workfare…Texas Style
    Robert W. Gilmer

October 1996

  • Houston Economy Shows Endurance and Renewed Strength
    Robert W. Gilmer

August 1996

  • Long-Term Performance: Per Capita Income in Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer and Marisol Solis

July 1996

  • Finding New Ways to Grow: Recovery in the Oil Patch
    Robert W. Gilmer

May 1996

  • Industrial Structure in Oil Cities: Diversification Revisited
    Robert W. Gilmer

April 1996

  • The Oil Industry and the Cities: Consolidation in the Oil Extraction Industry
    Robert W. Gilmer and Jun Ishii

February 1996

  • Oil as Commodity: A Review of The Genie Out of the Bottle
    Robert W. Gilmer

December 1995

  • Houston Banking in the 1990s: Healthy Profits in a Regional Niche
    Timothy K. Hopper and Ambreen Salters

November 1995

  • Industries as City Builders: What the Economist Knows
    Robert W. Gilmer

October 1995

  • Recent Trends in Houston's Job Growth
    Robert W. Gilmer

August 1995

  • Houston Again Shares State's Economic Growth
    Robert W. Gilmer

July 1995

  • Bryan-College Station: More Than a College Town?
    Robert W. Gilmer and Timothy K. Hopper

May 1995

  • Driven by Differences: GRP of Houston and Dallas
    Robert W. Gilmer

April 1995

  • Gross Regional Product: Another View of Houston's Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer

February 1995

  • Federal Immigration Policies Change Houston
    Robert W. Gilmer

February 1994

  • Refining and Chemicals on the Gulf Coast: Three Key Industries
    Robert W. Gilmer