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Vista—South Texas Economic Trends

Vista was published 1998–2009. Issues are available on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's digital library of U.S. economic, financial and banking history.


Spring 2009
  • Affordability and Education: Keys to San Antonio’s Long-Term Growth
    Michelle Hahn, Keith Phillips and Michelle Olivier


Winter 2007/08
  • Corpus Christi: An Economy in Transition
    Michelle Hahn, Keith Phillips and Jessica Renier
  • Top and Bottom 10 Industries for Employment Growth


Issue 1, 2006

  • Austin’s High-Tech Industry: Played Out or Just Beginning?
    Jennifer Moritz, Christopher McMahan and Keith R. Phillips


Issue 2, 2005
  • Cyclical Differences Emerge in Border City Economies
    Jesus Cañas, Roberto Coronado and José Joaquin Lopez
  • New Business-Cycle Indexes Available for Texas Metros
    Keith R. Phillips and Kristen Hamden

Issue 1, 2005

  • Framing the Future: Tomorrow’s Border Economy
    Robert W. Gilmer, Keith Phillips, Jesus Cañas, and Roberto Coronado


Winter 2004

  • Steady-as-She-Goes? An Analysis of the San Antonio Business Cycle
    Keith R. Phillips and Kristen Hamden

Spring 2004

  • Gauging the Impact of the San Antonio Toyota Plant
    Keith R. Phillips, Kristen Hamden and Eric Lopez


Spring 2003

  • Biotech and the San Antonio Economy
    Keith R. Phillips and Maria Ritka Dzula


May 2000

  • Can Cities Control Their Destiny?
    Adrianne R. Peña and Keith R. Phillips


December 1999

  • Border Region Makes Progress in the 1990s
    Keith R. Phillips


December 1998

  • Efficient Methods to Achieve Clean Air
    Keith R. Phillips

May 1998

  • Market Solutions to Water Allocation in Texas
    Keith R. Phillips