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Dallas Fed Board of Directors

Kelly A. Barclay

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ozona Bank
Wimberley, Texas

Kelly A. Barclay Kelly A. Barclay joined the Dallas Fed board in 2019.

Barclay began her career in the banking industry in 1978 with Frost National Bank (now Frost Bank) in San Antonio. In 1982, she began working for Wimberley (Texas) Bank, which was later purchased by Ozona National Bank (now Ozona Bank).

She continued her career with Ozona Bank and was appointed to the board of directors, and named president and CEO in 2010, a position she still holds today.

Barclay is a founding member of the Wimberley Rotary Club and finance committee treasurer of the Wimberley United Methodist Church. She has also served as director of the Wimberley Education Foundation and as a member of the City of Wimberley Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as various other local and civic organizations.

She has served on the Independent Bankers Association of Texas Board of Directors since 2017 and presently serves on the Bylaws and Nominating Committee.

Barclay is a 2003 graduate of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University.